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6-months, Full-Time in London
Available to UK and International Students


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The main focus of your Advanced Diploma provide the fundamentals of wedding planning, coordination and delivery. You'll learn how to build wedding planning timelines, develop budgets for weddings, source, select and coordinate wedding suppliers, services and contractors, source and recommend wedding venues,  produce sustainable weddings, understand event production, how to source and secure clients, undertake client consultations, design and theme weddings, set up a wedding planning business and promote and market wedding planning services. Advanced units include planning destination, luxury, micro and VIP weddings, how to arrange and coordinate style shoots and how to network and promote yourself within the wedding industry. 

Women in Jewelry Workshop


Your leadership and management studies support your wedding planning career as you'll develop a knowledge and understanding of organisational functions that every professional wedding planner should be familiar with.  Learn about building productive working relationships, operational and human resource planning and management, about business strategy and development. Understand the development of managerial effectiveness and learn about important project management principles that underpin successful wedding planning. Wedding planners frequently rely on bringing together multiple vendors, contractors, suppliers and freelancers to deliver a successful wedding. Having inspirational and influential leadership skills can smooth the way to more effective and efficient planning and execution of your wedding planning services. 

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Your three electives provide you the opportunity to tailor your course to suit your personal learning and career goals. ​

The electives you can choose from are:  Venue Management,  Corporate Event Management, Festivals and Cultural Event Management, Sports Event Management, Luxury Brand Management, Digital Transformation and Change Management, Sustainability Policy and Practices, Entrepreneurship and Business Start-ups or Digital Marketing.

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This 6-month course provides you with dual qualifications:

Advanced Diploma in Professional Wedding Planning (L4) TQUK Endorsed Course (includes 3 Electives) and the

 TQUK Level 4 Diploma in Management and Leadership (RQF) Ofqual Regulated

Unit 1. The Wedding Industry

About the Wedding Industry

  • Wedding industry associations

  • Trends in the wedding industry

  • Industry working conditions and work ethics

  • The role of a wedding planner and services provided

  • Aptitude for wedding planning

  • Developing and updating knowledge and skills

  • Opportunities to work in the wedding industry

    • Sourcing opportunities

    • CV and online profiles

    • Interviews

The Wedding

  • Components of a wedding - the wedding day and pre and post wedding events

  • Order of the day

  • Traditions and etiquette

  • About ceremonies

  • About receptions

  • Multicultural wedding practices


Unit 2. Wedding Planning and Coordination

Wedding Planning

  • Developing and monitoring wedding budgets

  • Wedding planning tools - technology, timelines and checklists

  • Managing guest lists, seating plans, invitations and RSVPs

  • Participating in, and conducting, tastings

  • Planning the ceremony

  • Planning the reception

  • Wedding day scheduling

  • Contingency planning

Wedding Coordination

  • Pre-wedding day activities

  • Wedding day activities

  • Post wedding activities

Event Production for Wedding Planners 

  • Introduction to audio and sound options

  • Introduction to lighting and vision system options

  • Introduction to staging and dramatic effects

Health and Safety and Risk Assessments

  • Why you need to know about assessing risk

  • Identifying risks

  • Preparing a risk assessment

  • Workplace health and safety for weddings

  • The impact of Covid – what’s changed, preparing for change

Relationship Management

  • Effective communication

  • Establishing boundaries

  • Working with clients

  • Approaches to resolving conflict


Unit 3. Venues and Vendors

Coordinating Wedding Venues

  • Venue selection criteria

  • Conducting research

  • Attending venue viewings

  • Conducting venue viewings

  • Room and table lay-outs

  • Outdoor locations

Coordinating Wedding Services

  • Catering 

  • Wedding cakes

  • Music and entertainment

  • Florists

  • Designers and decor

  • Photographers and videographers

  • Cars and transport

  • Accommodation

  • Wedding party attire

  • Production

  • Jewellery

  • Hair and make-up

Venue and Vendor Contracting

  • What do you need to know about contract law

  • What should you check for when reading contracts

  • About insurance – who covers what


Unit 4. Wedding Theming and Design

Principles of Design

  • Design principles and concepts

  • Design tools

  • Operational design, theming and staging

Inspiration and design 

  • Where to find inspiration

  • Translating ideas into reality

  • Creating a unique experience

  • Weaving traditions, influences and preferences into a wedding

  • Imagery and ideas

Mood Boards and their purpose

  • Choosing a format and tools to create mood boards

  • Creating a theme, choosing colours and imagery

  • Creativity exercise - creating mood board for three venues/clients

  • Working with trends, working with tradition

  • Creating themes to suit client preferences and personality

Unit 5. Sales and Marketing for Wedding Planners

Marketing for Wedding Planners 

  • Preparing a marketing plan for your wedding planning business

  • Researching the wedding industry market (collect, organise and analyse data)

  • Identifying and understanding your competition

  • Developing and describing your wedding product or service

  • Creating a mission statement

  • Common marketing strategies

  • Pricing, positioning and branding – how can you apply them to your wedding planning business, service or product?

  • Establishing quantifiable marketing goals

  • Monitoring the results of your marketing

Branding and Promotions

  • Use of social media

  • Branding

  • How to promote yourself

  • Advertising

  • Your website

Selling Skills

  • Building a client profile

  • Selling techniques

Client Consultation

  • The ideal client

  • Consultation - refining format and questioning

  • Practice consultations


Unit 6. Wedding Business Management

Starting your Business

  • Working for yourself

  • Start-up advice

  • Managing your business

Business Planning for Wedding Planners

  • Review your business

  • Constructing a business plan

  • Future proofing your business


Unit 7. Wedding Planning Specialist

Arranging a Styled Shoot

  • Preparation

  • Bringing together a team

    • Agreeing common goals

    • Identifying and clarifying roles

  • Creating a vision

  • Team Briefings and communicating your vision to the team

  • Creating a budget for your shoot

  • Identifying and securing your location

  • Sourcing and choosing models

  • The day of the shoot – activities and responsibilities

  • Getting your shoot published and promoted

  • Maximising the content created by your shoot

The Luxury Market

  • VIP and celebrity clients

  • Lavish/luxury wedding themes

  • Meeting luxury market client expectations

  • Attention to detail

  • Sourcing and working with luxury market venues and vendors

  • Working with larger budgets

Micro or Intimate Weddings

  • What is a micro wedding?

  • Working with smaller budgets

  • Creating impactful intimate wedding settings and experiences

  • Identifying must haves

  • Ensuring the venue/location compliments the wedding size and theme

Destination Weddings

  • Specialising in destination weddings

  • The research

  • Need to knows about destination wedding planning – venues, suppliers and top tips

  • The destination wedding planning process

  • Researching and marketing your destination/s

Honeymoon Planning

  • Working within your expertise – working with travel agents

  • Planning wedding night accommodation – local and transport link locations

  • Traditional honeymoon destinations

  • Current destination trends

  • Planning your couple’s departure


Unit 8. Social Event & Party Planning

  • What are social events

  • Who are your potential clients

  • Planning baby showers, baby reveals and christenings

  • Planning parties for children and teenagers

  • Planning anniversaries and birthdays

  • Planning proposals, hen/stag parties

  • Planning street parties and garden parties

  • Planning charity events and fundraisers


Unit 9. Professional Wedding and Event Practice

Skills Application

  • Live Event Delivery (Practical)

  • Wedding & Event Industry Placement (60 hours)

Experiential Planning Exercises

  • Planning and budgeting for six wedding scenarios

  • Day of the wedding – planning and responding for six scenarios

The Advanced Diploma in Professional Wedding Planning (L4) is an Endorsed Course by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). An Endorsed Course is a course of learning which TQUK has evaluated and endorsed as a suitable and beneficial learning platform for learners. When TQUK endorses a course of learning, they are declaring that they have confidence in our ability to develop and deliver quality courses in our areas of expertise.  The TQUK endorsement status shows that we are consistently meeting the high standards that TQUK demand from their Recognised Centres in delivering a high quality learning experience for the learner which provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge in a particular subject area.

  • Awarded By: The Event School London Ltd

  • Endorsed by: Training Qualifications UK

  • Click here  to learn more about TQUK


Meet Programme Leader

Siobhan Craven-Robins

The Event School London are delighted to offer our Wedding Planning students the unique opportunity to learn from one of the UK's Wedding Industry Leaders and Influencers, Siobhàn Craven-Robins. 

Widely acknowledged as the UK's original professional wedding planner, Siobhàn is a Co-Founder and Director of the National Association of Wedding Professionals, and Chairperson Legacy & Representation Working Group for The UK Weddings Taskforce. 

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