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Electives & Study Streams

Your Course Unique to You

Electives are an essential component of our full-time courses and offer students the opportunity to tailor their education to meet their personal interests and career goals. We understand that every student has unique passions and aspirations, which is why we offer a diverse range of electives that allow you to explore specific areas of interest in more depth. Our electives give you the chance to dive deeper into the subjects that matter most to you. On your 1-year Higher Diploma Course you'll also choose a supporting study stream to support a broader skills base and future further educaton options. 

6-month Advanced Diploma Courses

  • Choose  3 Electives 

1-year Higher Diploma Course

  • Choose 1 Study Stream and 6 Electives 

Different Electives for Tailored Pathways

Tailor Your Course to Reflect Your Interests and Career Goals

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Enhance Employability

In addition to expanding your knowledge, electives can also help you build valuable skills that are highly sought after in the event industry.

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For example, choose an elective in digital marketing to learn how to utilise strategies that help event organisers promote events and reach a wider audience.


Alternatively, choose luxury brand management and learn about the latest thinking on high-end product design to support an employer  reaching the luxury market.


Offer Uniqueness

By taking advantage of our electives, you can create a unique learning experience that aligns with your personal interests and career goals.

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This level of flexibility and customisation ensures that you leave your full-time programme with a deep understanding of the industry and the skills you need to succeed in your chosen career path.

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Empower You

At The Event School London, you'll receive an education that goes beyond the classroom.

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Electives are just one way that we empower our students to take control of their learning experience and shape their future in the event industry.

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