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Alison Hargreaves from Guides for Brides, Shares her Expertise with our Wedding Planning Students

We were delighted to have Alison Hargreaves, Director of Guides for Brides, join our new online wedding planning students with Siobhan Craven-Robins, in our virtual classroom today.

Alison is the founder of Guides for Brides, an online wedding information portal that encompasses,, and

The company aims to make wedding information more accessible to all, as well as giving planners, venues, and wedding couples a range of useful tools for effective wedding planning.

Over the past 8 weeks Alison has been at the forefront of gathering accurate data and information from across all sectors of the wedding industry to guide and inform wedding venues and businesses, as well as the media and ministers, on the impact of Covid-19 on weddings.

Our students were impressed with Alison's wealth of knowledge and experience on the wedding industry and we would like to thank her for sharing her time and expertise with our class today.


Click here to learn more about Guides for Brides

Click here to learn more about Siobhan's Wedding Planning Courses


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