David Vogel, International Event Specialist Joins the Team.

We are delighted to welcome David Vogel to The Event School London team.

David joins as an Associate Training Facilitator and brings literally a world of experience to our international event management and production programmes.

Student's on his classes will benefit from his extensive experience and his friendly and engaging training style.

Over the last 25 years, David has accumulated event production experience on 5 continents in 40+ countries and in 6 languages.

From high profile incentive programs, classic orchestra concerts, extreme sports competitions, product launches and gala events, the list of clients is eclectic and include names such as Lamborghini, Bayer Healthcare, Toyota, the Orchestra of the Americas, the Professional Kite Rider Association and Hermes.

After the specialised education for hospitality, event and tourism management in one of Austria's most prestigious tourism colleges in Krems, he acquired fundamental work experiences in the luxury hotel industry in 5 star houses in Munich and Vienna. That is also where he gained his initial expertise in training others by teaching colleagues in the areas of catering and event basics.

Being always passionate about travel and new cultures he started then his journey towards the Caribbean and the Americas to learn languages, work in the guest service industry and teach kiteboarding. Before he settled in the mid two-thousands with his new wife in Rome, Italy.

It followed a decade of freelance work years, in which he was fortunate to travel and work almost all around the globe for a plethora of clients. Highlights are the concerts in the Vatican, New York, Kiev, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro; incentive programs in Sydney, Vancouver, Puerto Rico and Hawaii; gala events on Lake Como, Florence, Berlin, Paris and Lucerne in addition to all the hundreds of other events and programs.

After a brief and adventurous experience in Africa to work on a mining project as logistics director and staff instructor in