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How often do you go to an event and come home with a Diamond? ✨💎🥂

At last week's RSVP Club's inaugural Breakfast Club event, attendees had the opportunity to do just that - ice sculpt their very own diamond! Although admittedly ours melted before we made it back to the office!

Photo by Stuart Wood

Held at the prestigious Rosewood London, this unique gathering brought together London's leading event planners for a morning of networking, creativity, and delectable breakfast. The star of the show at the event was undoubtedly the unconventional ice sculpting activity led by the experts in ice sculpture for events - PSD Ice Art.

Photo by Stuart Wood

Guests were invited to try their hand at crafting their very own diamond out of ice... with varying levels of success! As you can imagine, shaping a diamond from a block of ice isn't a task for the faint-hearted, but it added an exciting element of challenge and creativity to the event.

Photo by Stuart Wood

It would be impossible to take on such a challenge on an empty stomach and the breakfast provided by the Rosewood was delicious and nutritious. And what better way to bond and network than over a sumptuous breakfast in the heart of luxury!

The event was supported by RSVP's event partners and their input made it a brilliant success:

  • Venue: Rosewood London (@Rosewoodlondon) - friendly and professional hospitality and a stunning set up in the ballroom lobby

  • Event Planner: La Fete (@Lafeteoffical) - impeccable event planning as always

  • Keynote and Activity: PSD Ice Art (@psdIceart) - their ice sculpting expertise added a unique and memorable touch to the event.

And finally, Stuart Wood, a talented photographer, truly captured the essence of the event - a perfect blend of elegance and fun. We're delighted to share them here with you, courtesy of Stuart and RSVP.


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