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Launching Our New Full-time Event Management Courses in 2023

The 1st day of a brand new year and the perfect time to announce The Event School London's new full-time courses.

Six-month and one-year options in London, offering young people the practical training they need to join the #EventIndustry. We look forward to working with our industry colleagues to welcome a new generation into our world.

Students will access important practical skills training including live event experience, and planning and delivering a live event. All underpinned by educational quality, and interactive and engaging delivery of robust academic principles.

During their time with us, we'll be introducing students to London's leading planners and venues and they'll join us at industry and networking events and symposiums.

Essentially, our students won't just be studying event management, they'll become part of the event industry from day one, with a unique learning experience immersed in London's dynamic event world.

To support students in meeting their personal learning and career goals, specialist study pathways mean participants can tailor their programme with elective choices including: venue management, sports event management, wedding and social event planning, festival and cultural events, digital marketing, sustainability, digital transformation, luxury brand management, entrepreneurship and leadership and management.

Our unique blend of academic and practical training offers students a range of choices on completion, either entering the event industry directly, or undertaking further studies.

These quality educational programmes will be led by teaching teams that include industry specialists and education specialists, bringing together the best of academic and practical training principles.

We work closely with industry on the delivery of our current courses and our new full-time programmes will continue to be industry focused and industry led.

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