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Why a People Oriented Career in Events Benefits from In-person Training. Explore Our London Diploma Evening Classes

Are you yearning to pivot your career towards something vibrant, dynamic, and people-centric? Do you dream of creating unforgettable experiences and grand events? If your answer is a resounding yes, then The Event School London's Diploma in Event Management evening classes are the solution you've been searching for. Designed with career-changers in mind, our program stands as an ideal launchpad into the exhilarating world of event management.

Your Pathway to a Thriving Event Management Career

Diploma in Event Management Course in London with The Event School London

Our Diploma in Event Management is meticulously crafted to serve not just industry newcomers but also those who wish to hone their event planning skills. With an emphasis on practical learning, this program offers a comprehensive exploration of event management fundamentals. From planning to execution, our course covers the A to Z of creating successful events.

What sets our evening classes apart?

It's the blend of extensive knowledge imparted through an intimate learning environment. With limited numbers and small class sizes, we ensure personalized attention and mentorship from our seasoned event industry experts. This personalized guidance is crucial for career-changers, as it provides the support and confidence needed to embark on a new professional journey.

Beyond the Classroom: A People-Oriented World

The event industry thrives on human connection and interaction. Understanding this, we champion the irreplaceable value of face-to-face learning.

Our in-person classes in venues on the ExCeL London campus offer direct access to industry specialists, fostering a learning environment ripe for making important connections and expanding your network.

Networking is indispensable in the event world, and our program is designed to put you right in the thick of it. The opportunity to meet and interact with peers and professionals through guest speakers, site tours and industry events can open doors to collaborations and job opportunities that are pivotal for a successful career change.

Testimonial, Diploma in Event Management Course in London with The Event School London

Real-World Experiences That Inspire

Theory is vital, but the essence of event management lies in practical experience. Our course transcends conventional classroom boundaries, offering exclusive venue site tours and excursions. These tours are not just educational—they're a source of inspiration. They transform theoretical knowledge into practical insights, allowing you to visualize and understand the intricacies of managing real-world events.

Tailored for Your Busy Life

We understand the challenges of balancing work, life, and the pursuit of a new career. That's why our accelerated course is designed to fit your busy schedule. Starting 16 April 2024, our classes run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9 pm for 10 weeks. This schedule is ideal for those who are eager to learn without compromising their current professional or personal commitments.

Why The Event School London?

Our Diploma in Event Management evening classes are more than just an educational program—they're a gateway to a new career and lifestyle. In a world driven by human connections, our hands-on approach not only equips you with foundational skills and knowledge but also immerses you in the culture of event management.

Join us to transform your passion for events into a thriving career. With The Event School London, step confidently into the event industry, ready to make lasting impressions and valuable connections. Your journey to becoming an event management professional begins here, amidst the energy and excitement of London's event scene.


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