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We offer an interactive, immersion experience in venues at London's premier event environment campus, ExCeL London, the UK's international event, exhibition and convention  centre. And our Event Management Course Facilitators are amongst the most experienced within their fields. Emerge yourself within the event industry, with a professional development course led by event industry professionals. 


Certificate in

Event Management

If you love to organise people and logistics, have good planning skills, excel at problem solving and love variety and creativity in your work, then a career in event management may be ideal for you. Practical event training will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to plan and deliver an event from start to finish. 


Whether you are looking for the foundation skills and knowledge you need for a career change into event management, or you are in an event role and want to ensure you have solid foundations to succeed and progress within the industry, then the Certificate in Event Management is the ideal programme. 

Certificate in Event Management Short Course


Certificate in Event Management Course - Saturday Classes


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Certificate in



Event venues require professional organisational skills, and an ability to manage a wide range of events including sports, concerts, conferences, expos, trade fairs, product launches,  parties, competitions, community and special events. 


Excellent relationship management and communication skills are also key when dealing with the broad range of  stakeholders involved with staging events in venues - e.g. event organisers, associations, suppliers and contractors, athletes, performers, agents, caterers, retailers, the press, council and other public bodies and of course, the event attendees.


Gaining valuable specialist venue  management skills will upgrade your event experience and enhance your career opportunities in the industry. 

Certificate in Venue Management Course - Saturday Classes


Certificate in Venue Management Course - Short Course


Certificate in Venue Management Course - Evening Classes



Our MasterClass courses are ideal for participants who are ready to take a leap and power-charge their prospects, either for their career or their own business.


MasterClasses offer a professional development opportunity to enhance your industry knowledge and build additional specialist skills.

Our specialist event masterclass courses are ideal for those with existing experience who:


  • Would like to add specialist event management skills to their CV or portfolio or move into a different branch of the event industry

  • Are looking to progress their events career and gain promotion or increased responsibility

  • Would like to gain a range of event planning skills to broaden their opportunties within the event industry. 

  • Have overseas experience or qualifications and wish to add an English qualification to their resume or portfolio

  • Have completed other event studies and wish to further develop their  Event Management skills and knowledge

MasterClass in Corporate Event Management Course


MasterClass in Exhibition Management Course


MasterClass in Conference Management Course


MasterClass in Managing Events as Projects Course


MasterClass in Major Sports Event Management Course


MasterClass in International Event Management Course


MasterClass in Outdoor Event Management Course


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