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How Would You Like to Study?

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Study with us from anywhere in the world with our virtual courses offering the opportunity to take our specialist sports management courses without leaving your home, office or favourite cafe! 


Our Virtual Courses offer an interactive, online learning experience with live online classes taught in real-time. And our maximum virtual class size of 10 ensures you are not lost in a sea of online faces.


Teachers on our virtual courses are skilled at ensuring your classes are engaging. Many of our Virtual Course Students say it's just like being in a "real" classroom!



London plays host to  many of the world's leading sporting events and it's a hub for the global sports events industry. On our courses in London, immerse yourself in the sports event industry, gain professional contacts and explore London’s  amazing sports stadiums, venues and arenas.

Study our globally recognised courses in London to experience in-person interaction with your teacher and classmates. 


On our full-time event courses, gain live event experience and choose the sports management electives to tailor your programme for a career in sports events.

How Would You Like to Study?

What Would You Like to Study?

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Full-Time Diplomas in Event Management - Sports Stream

With the sports industry worth an estimated £23bn per year in the UK alone, and the business of sports growing globally, there are no shortage of opportunities for  dedicated sports event managers. And the practical experience and industry contacts tyou make on our full-time programme will prepare you with the skills you need for success as a sports event manager.


This comprehensive full-time programme is ideal for school leavers, post-graduate studies or career-changers who also need to build experience,. Our industry and internationally recognised full-time Event Management  programmes offer a pathway into employment in the sports event industry or on to further studies. 


On the full-time sports stream programme, choose to compliment your core event management programme with Business, Leadership or Marketing, then add sports event management, venue management and one other elective of your choice to tailor a programme to meet your career goals. 

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Certificate in Sports Event Management

Considering a career that combines your love of sports with your ability to plan and organise? Our Certificate in Sports Event Management is one of our most popular courses for career-changers.


If you have transferable skills like project management, administration, marketing, event planning or organising and managing, then this course will lay the foundations to move into  positions with  sports event organisers, sports stadium or arenas, with sports teams or to position with a sporting association or organisation. 

The Certificate in Sports Event Management course is also suitable for those working in entry-level sports roles, who want to ensure they are applying an effective and structured approach to their sports event planning and delivery. 

On this course you'll cover the fundamentals of how to plan a sports event from start to finish, how to source and secure venues and suppliers and how to create budgets and planning timelines.

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The sports industry never stops moving and with new innovations erupting onto the event scene each year, it's essential to keep up to date with new skills,  knowledge, tech and techniques.


Continuing Professional Development is key for all sports event professionals - it's the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.


Whether you are employed, a sports business owner, a freelancer sports event manager or a sporting event contractor, it's important to keep working on your  skills and proficiency throughout your professional career.


Our MasterClass and MicroCredentials are ideal for participants who are ready to take a leap and power-charge their prospects, either for their career or their own business.


These short, sharp, topic focused courses are aimed at those with existing experience, or who have completed a sports or event planning qualification and wish to develop specialist skills.

What Would You Like to Study?

Certificate in Sports Event Management