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Virtual Campus

Welcome to The Event School London's Virtual Campus, where flexibility meets opportunity in the realm of education. Our virtual learning environment is designed to make high-quality education accessible and affordable, all while fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Whether you're looking to advance your career, expand your knowledge, or explore new professional avenues, our range of live online classes and our virtual campus environment, ensures that you can learn with our experienced industry experts from anywhere in the world.

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Flexible Scheduling Options

With live online scheduling now offered as morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday classes, you have even more options that allow study around work and life commitments. (And for the ultimate in flexibility, choose a fully online course to study independently, at your own pace in your own time.)


Course Variety

Our extensive range of live online courses mean you can engage in learning that sparks your interest and progresses your career. With our suite of live online courses, you can choose from a wide array of subjects to support progress in a wide range of careers in events.

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Personalised, Engaging Education for Effective Learning

Our maximum online class size of eight, supports a personalised education approach. Live classes foster immediate interaction and feedback between students and instructors, enhancing the learning experience. They facilitate a dynamic educational environment where questions can be addressed promptly, ensuring concepts are understood as they are taught.


Increased Collaboration and Networking

With our virtual communities, message boards and forums, students find enhanced opportunities for collaboration. This not only fosters a dynamic learning environment but also helps build a professional network. 

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Career Advancement Enhancement

Virtual learning at The Event School London equips you with the flexibility to balance education with employment, making it easier to advance your career while earning academic credentials. For those currently not working, our courses provide valuable content for filling gaps in your resume, showing potential employers your commitment to continuous learning and improvement.


Reduced Costs & Travel Time

Education can be expensive, but choosing the virtual campus at The Event School London offers multiple avenues for cost savings. Without the need to commute, students save significantly on transportation expenses. Additionally, our live online classes primarily utilise digital resources, reducing the amount you'd typically spend on textbooks and course materials.

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