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Live Online Classes, in a Virtual Classroom, with a Specialist Tutor

Gain Certification with 1-to-1 Training
via Live Online Classes

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Train at Times to
Suit Your Schedule

One-to-One Training Courses provide flexibility to take online classes on days and times to suit your schedule. Our specialist trainers will work with you to try and best accommodate your preferred session times.


You can also choose to accelerate your progress, for example by taking more classes per week.

Or extend your learning to minimise disruption to your schedule, for example by taking

one class per week. 

Session times can be organised between

9am - 9pm (GMT)

Monday to Saturdays

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Train From a Location
that Suits You

No matter where you are in the world, online classes in virtual classrooms offer a convenient solution to your training needs. 

Take your classes from home, work or the park! So long a you can access reliable wifi in a quiet environment with minimal disruptions, you can be anywhere while you undertake your certification. 

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Online Discussion

Personalised Sessions Focused on Your Goals

While you will still be following the curriculum for your chosen course, with one-to-one training there is every opportunity for your trainer to tailor a proportion of the training to your specific situation and to meet your professional or career goals.


One-to-one training also allows for ample time to answer your specific questions and to focus discussions, examples and activities to meet your needs. 

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Choose From a
Range of Courses

If we offer a MasterClass, Certificate or Diploma Course as a Virtual Group Course - then we can deliver it as a One-to-One Online Course!


Click on the link below to explore the range

of options open to you.

On a Video Call


For one-to-one training in live online classes in 2024

  • £5,250 for Diploma Courses (60 hrs) 

  • £4,100 for Advanced Certificates (48 hrs)

  • £1,920 for Virtual Certificate Courses (24 hrs)

  • £1,200 for Virtual MasterClass Courses (10 hrs)

  • £250 for Virtual MicroCredentials (3 hrs)

If you wish to take one-to-one training on a bespoke programme tailored specifically for your needs, please contact us for a quote.

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