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How Much Can You Earn as a Wedding Planner in the UK? And How Can You Find Work?

How much can wedding planners earn in the UK?

Wedding planning is a rewarding and exciting career that allows you to use your creativity, organisational skills and passion for weddings to help couples plan their dream day.

But how much can you expect to earn as a wedding planner in the UK?

  • The average salary for a wedding planner in the UK is around £25,000 per year, according to However, this can vary significantly depending on your experience, location, reputation and the type of weddings you plan.

  • Some wedding planners may charge a flat fee for their services, while others may charge a percentage of the wedding budget or an hourly rate. The average fee for a wedding planner in the UK is between 10% and 15% of the wedding budget, according to

  • If you are self-employed - the amount of money you can earn as a wedding planner also depends on how many weddings you can handle per year. Some wedding planners may only take on a few weddings per year, while others may work on several weddings per month. The number of weddings you can handle will depend on your availability, workload, efficiency and the complexity of the weddings you plan.

There are many factors that affect how much you can earn as a wedding planner in the UK or indeed, as a destination wedding planner or international wedding consultant. However, if you are passionate about weddings and have the skills and drive to succeed in this industry, you can enjoy a fulfilling and profitable career as a wedding planner.

If you are looking for employment as a wedding planner or simply researching roles, responsibilities and salaries - we recommend searching on job-sites under a range of role titles as organisations may use different terms for their wedding planning positions: e.g

  • Wedding Planner

  • Wedding & Event Planner

  • Event Manager

  • Party Planner

  • Venue Coordinator

  • Wedding Coordinator

  • Wedding Designer

  • Destination Wedding Planner

  • Wedding Consultant

  • Wedding & Social Event Planner

  • Social Event Planner

  • Wedding Planning Executive

  • Wedding Planning Assistant

  • Wedding Manager

  • Wedding Sales Coordinator

  • Wedding & Special Events Coordinator

  • Wedding Operations Manager

And remember, wedding focused venues or venues that host multiple weddings each year, are ideal companies to start your wedding planning career and gain valuable experience and exposure to a range of weddings and client types.


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