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Learn How to Develop an Effective Venue Marketing Strategy with our new Micro MasterClass

Our new Online Micro MasterClass courses offer flexible & progressive online learning opportunities at a low cost. Gain new skills, interact in real-time with our industry experts, and take the opportunity to ask questions relevant to you or your business.

On her new online, course "How to Develop an Effective Venue Marketing Strategy" event and venue management consultant Rachel Williams will cover the following in her online classes:

Exploring Today’s Event Landscape

  • The Meetings and Events Ecosystem

  • Understanding and monitoring market trends

  • What do event planners and their attendees want

How to Develop a Powerful Strategy of Your Own

  • Importance of a venue marketing strategy

  • Setting goals – what do you want to achieve from your marketing

  • How are these goals relevant to the success of your venue?

  • Your Products and Value proposition

  • What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Defining your position in the market place

  • Understanding Competition

Knowing Your Target Market

  • Define your target market

  • Who are you marketing to?

  • What types of events do they run?

  • Creating a buyer profile

The Marketing Resources to Help you Promote and Sell Your Venue

  • Printed materials (sales brochures, sales proposals, etc)

  • Digital spaces (understanding marketing disciplines, direct mail, advertising, digital marketing, SEO, SEM, websites, social media, blogs, brand building, PR, etc)

  •  Showcasing your Venue (venue listing sites, hosting showcases, exhibiting at tradeshows/exhibitions, building partnership with industry Suppliers)

From Marketing Strategy to Marketing Tactics

  • Budgets, objectives, position and SWOT

  • Developing a marketing activity plan

Measuring Success and Optimising Your Strategy

  • Defining your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Budget/Spend tracker

  • Monitoring and Reviewing marketing success

Invest in this online training experience with Rachel Williams to experience focused, comprehensive venue marketing training and take the opportunity to build professional marketing strategy expertise.  

Hospitality and event venues play a critical role in the event life cycle and we believe there is a need in the hospitality consultancy industry for a company that truly understands venues as hospitality businesses, that is focused on working with their owners or operators to optimise revenue and profitability whilst delivering successful events for their clients.   Your Online Course Facilitator, Rachel Williams, works with both event and venue clients to develop fresh ideas creating memorable experiences and unrivalled events. Rachel supports venues in looking differently at their marketing strategies and how they can more effectively plan the marketing of their event spaces.


Learn more about the How to Develop an Effective Venue Marketing Strategy online course

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