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Welcome Natalie Green, Associate Lecturer Event Management.

Natalie Green, Associate Lecturer, The Event School London

We are delighted to introduce Natalie Green, our new Associate Lecturer joining us this term teaching the MasterClass in Event Production in London.

Natalie brings with her an impressive resume and over a decade of extensive experience in business operations and events management.

She has honed her skills across various senior roles, most notably as the Senior Executive Director of Business Operations at The Black British Business Awards and at TNON (The Network of Networks).

Her leadership in these positions involves overseeing critical aspects of event planning, financial management, and execution, while also driving the annual awards that spotlight the success of Black professionals across diverse sectors.

Natalie's commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and excellence has made a significant impact within the business community, championing the rise of the next generation of Black leaders. Her work does not stop here; as a partner at Key Position, a global events and creative agency, Natalie had been instrumental in delivering bespoke events that range from high-profile product launches to engaging conferences and exhibitions. Her expertise in networking, business development, and customer relationship management has consistently led to successful outcomes and enduring client relationships.

Her career also includes noteworthy stints as a Marketing Events & Communications Specialist at McKinsey & Company, Senior Event Manager at Chill Out Event Management Ltd, and roles at mcm Creative Group, FireEye Inc., Truphone, GSMA, and Gartner among others.

As Natalie joins us, she is eager to impart her knowledge, inspire our students, and bring fresh perspectives to our courses. Her vast experience and passion for event management are bound to enrich the learning experience for all attendees.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Natalie Green as she brings her experience and expertise to students at The Event School London. We are excited to see the contributions and innovations Natalie will bring to our vibrant community.

Welcome aboard, Natalie!

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