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Meet Monia Ben Nejima: The Event School London's Newest International Event Specialist

Monia Ben Nejima

Monia Ben nejima has joined the The Event School London teaching team as an Associate Lecturer in Event Management, bringing extensive international experience to share with her students. We are delighted to welcome someone of Monia's calibre to the faculty, marking the next milestone in our journey towards offering unparalleled education in event management.

Monia brings over a decade of rich experience in event management, project management, and business development. Her work has significantly impacted tech startups, corporates, and policymakers, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in different environments. Her expertise lies in the seamless integration of event management with business development and marketing strategies, an approach that ensures the success and impact of the events she oversees.

Monia's global perspective in event management transcends geographical boundaries. Her career has spanned the globe, encompassing diverse locations such as San Francisco, various European locations, and Tel Aviv. Her events are a vivid tapestry of global experiences, meticulously tailored to reflect the unique needs and aspirations of her international clientele - understanding, appreciating, and celebrating diverse cultures and stories.

Monia Ben Nejima

As the founder of MBN Events, Monia has consistently demonstrated her unique vision of producing events that go beyond mere gatherings. Under her leadership, events transform into captivating narratives, engaging and enthralling attendees. Her approach, a harmonious blend of meticulous planning and creativity, ensures each event is not only innovative and impactful but also unforgettable.

Monia Ben Nejima

Joining us at The Event School London, Monia is set to bring this extensive wealth of experience to our students. Her focus will be on empowering aspiring event managers with practical skills, comprehensive industry knowledge, and the confidence to thrive in a competitive field.

Monia's commitment to the profession extends beyond mere business success. It encompasses a deeper goal: to create spaces where people can connect, share experiences, and celebrate together. Her belief in the transformative power of events and her continuous pursuit of excellence make her a unique and invaluable asset to our team.

Her ability to blend creativity with strategic planning has not only earned her recognition and respect from peers and clients alike, but also ensures she is perfectly poised to inspire and educate the next generation of event management professionals at The Event School London.

We welcome Monia Ben Nejima to our team and look forward to the invaluable insights and experiences she will share, enriching the learning journey of our students and the broader Event School community.


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