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Relaxation and Socialising on the ExCeL Campus: A Student’s Guide

Enjoying The Square at ExCeL London

The Event School London host their courses in venues on the ExCeL London campus, a mile long site with the ExCeL Centre at its heart. Our larger classes take place in ExCeL's CentrEd, and smaller classes in training rooms at on-campus hotels such as the Novotel ExCeL, Good Hotel ExCeL or Aloft ExCeL.

Situated on the stunning Royal Docks, the ExCeL campus is not just a buzzing centre of events - it's also a haven for relaxation and unwinding, offering numerous spots for students to chill out between and after classes. In this bustling environment, finding the perfect spot to relax is essential for maintaining a balanced and enjoyable student life.

Riverside Respite: Enjoying Nature’s Serenity

Loving the dockside location

One of the most serene spots on the ExCeL campus is undoubtedly the riverside. Here, students can take a leisurely stroll along the Royal Docks, enjoying the calming water view and the picturesque views of the Canary Wharf and O2 skyline.

It's an ideal place for those looking to clear their minds, perhaps with a good book or simply by soaking in the tranquility of nature.

The riverside benches and grassy areas provide a peaceful retreat, perfect for reading, listening to music or just watching the world go by.

This natural setting is a stark contrast to the busy campus life, offering a much-needed respite for rejuvenation.

The ExCeL Boulevard: A Social Hub

ExCeL London Boulevard

In the heart of the ExCeL centre lies the Boulevard, a vibrant area brimming with energy and activity. This spot is perfect for students who prefer a more social environment to relax and unwind. With a variety of cafes and eateries, the boulevard is ideal for grabbing a coffee, enjoying a snack, or having lunch with classmates.

ExCeL's events take place in the halls off the boulevard so spending time there also provides an entertaining backdrop for those looking to relax while still feeling connected to the event world's buzz.

Quiet Corners for Study and Reflection

For students seeking a quieter space, the lounge and cafe areas in our training venues offer the perfect setting. With comfortable seating and a calm atmosphere, you'll find excellent spots for those who want to study, reflect, or simply unwind in a more solitary environment.

Ready for Socialising

A few of the most popular spots for catching up with friends over a drink and often with live music include:

At Aloft's WXYZ Bar, meet, mix, and mingle over speciality cocktails at the trendiest bar on this side of London. The W XYZ bar provides the smooth sippers and cool tunes from acoustic sets to sassy dj mixes, setting the mood for a superb night.

The Fox ExCeL - right outside ExCeL's main entrance and offering casual dining and an always busy bar - with regular live music and party events to choose from.

Feeling like something a little more exclusive - then make your way ot the Sunborn Yacht Hotel's Sundown Bar with exclusive views of the waterside docks, Canary Wharf and The O2.

Feeling Sporty?

It’s all happening out on the water! On any day of the week and you will see rowing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking and much more in action across the Royal Docks. The friendly team at the Watersports Centre will happily set you up for a range of get-wet activities.

There's also plenty of land-based options including scenic running and cycling paths that border the water.

Or join the Quad Club at the Crowne Plaza ExCeL for a swim, gym, sauna or steam room.

And in the summer, the West End of the Royal Victoria Docks turns into a beach!

Student run events can offer some additional fun - like this student planned and hosted raft building race and after party event below:

In Need of Retail Therapy or a Quick Change of

Just three minutes by train on the Elizabeth Line and you'll find yourself in Canary Wharf, aka London's "Little Manhattan"!

Canary Wharf is not only London's bustling financial district, but also a vibrant center for shopping, leisure, and hospitality. You'll find over 300 shops, ranging from high-end fashion boutiques to well-known high-street brands, nestled in its vast underground shopping complex, Canary Wharf Shopping Centre.

For leisure, students can enjoy a diverse selection of entertainment venues, including a multiplex cinema and art galleries.

The culinary scene is equally diverse, offering everything from gourmet dining experiences at upscale restaurants to casual eateries and lively bars, perfect for after-work socialising.


The variety of hang-outs on and close-by the ExCeL site offers a diverse range of spots catered to every student's relaxation and socialising needs. Whether it's enjoying the beauty of the riverside, socializing in the bustling boulevard or local bars, restaurants and hotels, or finding peace in quiet corners, there’s a place for everyone to relax and recharge.

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