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From the Director's Desk - April 2022

Here are our April 2022 highlights from the Director's Desk at The Event School London

Watch our video to find out more about April's Guest Bloggers, Excursions, Venue Tours, Industry Events, Networking and Course activity.


About The Event School London

The Event School London offers professional career development courses on-site at ExCeL London. Our programmes are aimed at supporting participants embark on a new career, or to progress further on their current career path or to enhance their leadership, management or business skills. The specialist focuses of our programmes are event management, sports management, wedding planning and leadership and management development.

Our venues are delivered in the enriched learning events industry environment at ExCeL London. The conference and meeting rooms in the on-site hotels and ExCeL's own CentrEd, offer inspirational and functional spaces for our interactive and dynamic training methods. ExCeL London is one of Europe's premier venues and a London Centre for Industry, making it ideal for the development and delivery of our industry led training courses.

We’re extremely proud of our Facilitators who are innovative, creative and well connected in their industries. And they are waiting to share their skills, knowledge and wealth of experience with you. Our Facilitators are heavily involved in their industries so they have the most up-to-date, relevant information and can guide participants on how learning really applies in the workplace.

Our programmes often include industry site tours where you'll learn how your skills can be applied in the real world, and industry speakers providing their expertise and up-to-date insights into the latest trends. Attracting students from London, the UK and internationally, our classes reflect the diverse backgrounds and cultures of a globally connected world.


Our Courses:

  • Event Management Courses

  • Sports Management Courses

  • Wedding Planning Courses

  • Leadership Courses Management Courses

  • Courses in London

  • Online Courses

  • Courses in Virtual Classrooms - Live Online Classes

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