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Jerome Buchanan, Exhibition Specialist, Joins our Lecturing Team

Meet our newest lecturer, Jerome Buchanan, bringing a wealth of experience to our students studying exhibition and event management.

Jerome Buchanan, Exhibition Specialist, Joins our Lecturing Team

With 13 years of industry expertise, Jerome has navigated consumer events, B2B gatherings, exhibitions, and trade shows like a pro.

His impressive journey includes:

  • Global Insight: Jerome's roles as Owner and CEO at Jerome Buchanan Consulting Ltd and Commercial Partnerships & Exhibitions Lead at ERTICO have seen him partner with international associations and mastermind innovative strategies for virtual and physical events on a global scale.

  • City Spotlight: From Sydney to Singapore, Dallas to London, Jerome has overseen the operational aspects of exhibitions in major cities, ensuring exhibitor projects, risk assessments, venue logistics, and engagement strategies are flawlessly executed.

  • Commercial Guru: As the Commercial Director at MCI Group, Jerome generated an impressive 30 million AUD in annual revenue across Asia-Pacific events, all while meticulously managing exhibition operations for top-notch event delivery.

With a unique blend of strategic thinking and hands-on expertise, Jerome is committed to not only maximising revenue but also ensuring unforgettable experiences for both attendees and exhibitors.


Study with Jermone next term on the:


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