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Mastering the Art of Toastmastering: A Session with John Ashmele

Updated: Jan 14

John Ashmele, Guest Speaker, The Event School London

A heartfelt thank you to John Ashmele for joining us as a guest speaker last week. With vivid images from real-life weddings, John unraveled the pivotal role of the Toastmaster, emphasizing the essence of keeping events, be it weddings, celebrations, or formal dinners, ticking seamlessly. The students are indeed privileged to have delved into the depths of his expertise and experience.

From a history rooted in community events to being a beacon of the Professional Toastmasters’ Academy, John's journey is an inspiration!

As someone with a commendable career spanning 30 years in Information Systems, it's awe-inspiring to see his transition to mastering ceremonies with unmatched etiquette and protocol knowledge.

It's not just about the role, it's about the passion and personality John brings to it — reassuring, calm, and always with a touch of tradition. Cheers to learning from the best! 🥂✨


John was speaking to wedding planning and event management course students at The Event School London. A private training school offering exclusive specialist event management training in venues on the ExCeL London campus.

Learn more about John at:



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