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New "ReBoost" Course Launched to Support Wedding Planner Business Recovery Plans - Live Online Class

Invest in the recovery of your wedding planning business by joining Siobhan Craven-Robins in a live online micro masterclass and gain expert advice and guidance from one of the UK's leading wedding professionals.

Do you need support understanding how your wedding planning business can bounce back from the impact of the Covid19 pandemic?


Would you like expert advice on how you should adapt your operations and cope with likely changes to insurance, detailed risk assessment processes and strict health and safety requirements?


Would you like to workshop solutions for re-boosting your business and learn with like-minded planners on how to find opportunities in a now fluid and uncertain market?



Our new Wedding Business Recovery course is on Friday 18 September 2020 in a live online class with with Siobhan Craven-Robins

Siobhan appears regularly in the media and at industry events representing the wedding industry.   Siobhan is also a co-founder and Director of the National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP-UK). She has been extensively involved in consulting with and lobbying the government and Public Health England on steps needed to move the wedding industry forward into recovery.   Siobhan is now generously offering her time to support wedding planning businesses in bouncing back to recovery, in an exclusive series of specialist, online courses with The Event School London.  


  NEW MICRO MASTERCLASS HIGHLIGHTS   Expert tuition from Siobhan Craven-Robins, one of the UK's leading wedding planners and wedding industry influencers.

Small online classes with strictly limited numbers (maximum 10) offers an exclusive, premium online learning experience

Classes are live in our virtual classrooms...ideal for real-time interaction and feedback

Interact and share your experiences with other like-minded participants


ReBoost Your Wedding Planning Business Course Content

Your Online Class "ReBoost Your Wedding Business" will cover the following:


  • How has Covid 19 affected the wedding industry

  • How have the National Association of Wedding Professionals been consulting with and lobbying the Government & Public Health England to help move the wedding industry forward.

  • How Covid19 has affected couples and bookings - current situation update.

  • About the Fair Deposit Scheme and the CMA

What's Changed

  • Risk assessments and health and safety knowledge

  • Business insurance

  • Wedding insurance

Operating Considerations

  • How to adapt and operate going forward

  • Changes to meetings and consultations

  • Adapting advertising and promotions

Your Wedding Planning Business

  • Your business - micro business audit

  • Where was your business positioned pre-Covid19. i.e. start-up, just launched, established etc

  • Where are you now? What situation is your wedding planning business in?

Finding Opportunity

  • How to 'pivot' your business - what other services or products can you offer at this time

  • Networking and building contacts virtually - the new expertise

  • Social media and how to adapt to the current environment

  • Styled shoots still essential and can be done with SD


Your chance to ask questions specific to your wedding planning business or situation

Forward Plan

  • Determining a plan for your wedding planning business

  • What's your new or adapted strategy?

  • Will you change or seek new markets?

  • Will you change or adapt your pricing?

  • How will you maintain market profile with no or minimal business activity?

  • How will you prepare and maximise your opportunity for an expected busy 2021 extended wedding season?

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