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Top Wedding Business Marketing Tips & Strategies

Being a wedding or events planner can be one of the most fulfilling careers in the world.

Every occasion handled can be a great opportunity to create memories, whether at a grandiose annual corporate event or a more intimate wedding party.

It is indeed a wonderful privilege to turn a concept into a joyful reality where people can celebrate life and love or create value.

And yet, while a planner’s task can be delightful and exhilarating, it is nonetheless, not a walk in the park, especially if you are just starting out. We can indeed put on some bravado, wing a DIY, and just learn from our mistakes. But going that route can be a long one, not to mention quite costly. Even long-time events planners need to update their ways of working to keep relevant and stay in the game. Whether you’re a newbie who wants to get it right the first time or someone who’s been around for a while now, these wedding business marketing tips and strategies can give you an advantage.

Business Marketing Strategies

1. Take a course

Every day, there is always something new that you can learn to improve your craft. It’s always a great idea to learn from the expertise of others. Reputable event education specialists have invested a great deal of time and effort in putting together wedding planning courses. Learn from these professionals!

2. Create a website

To have that distinct advantage over the competition, you need to establish legitimacy and credibility for your wedding events business. And one strategy that hits the mark is creating a website where you can also leverage testimonials and reviews. To improve customer loyalty, people must know your business can easily be validated and accessed. Make your content both user-friendly and compelling.

3. Be present on social media

Social media plays a critical part in the success of many modern business endeavours today.

In the past, marketing communication was generally dictated by big corporations. Today, more and more people want spontaneous and non-sponsored content, also known as organic content. By being present in the digital community, you have a great chance of reaching the 3.6 billion active online users (and that’s only as of 2020).

Make your products/ services trend on social media by tapping the power of micro-influencers and cross-promoting with other wedding-related products or services, such as wedding photographers and caterers. You can also regularly repost your content on other blogs that your target audience frequently visits.

4.Partner with an SEO agency

SEO or growth agencies are companies that help you optimise your visibility online. A professional SEO partner can help you achieve your business marketing goals. They can develop an online strategy, promote your business to bloggers and other influencers, develop shareable wedding content on your website, and do site audits. With many SEO companies today, you can easily find the one that will match your budget and business goals.

5. Get published in digital magazines

Established magazine companies have long been seen as thought leaders in their areas of expertise. Their years and years of exploring and talking about their focus subject matter give them much authority and credibility.

These magazine publications, like most businesses, have also pivoted from hardcopy to digital. And their loyal subscribers have followed them to the digital space. This means that you can ride on the trust and popularity of these digital magazines to further cement your brand positioning and increase online awareness for your products and services.

6. Leverage your Referrals

Bank on the power of word of mouth to promote your wedding planning business. After all, it is your satisfied customers who have the credibility of speaking for your business or company, since they have had first-hand experience of your capabilities.

Why not use former customers to become brand ambassadors? You can create programs where they earn rewards or freebies whenever successful referrals are made.

7. Participate in Wedding Fairs and Exhibits

Even in this virtual age, wedding fairs and exhibits continue to remain relevant. There is still no substitute for in-person meetings where you can engage with potential suppliers and customers at a much deeper level than just zoom interfaces. Though digital events are convenient, and at times, even necessary, a physical meeting will allow you to tap all senses to close deals.

Belly-to-belly marketing is also best for creating long-term business relationships.

Business Marketing Tips (or Hacks)

1. Act on feedback, whether it be from the customer or from business partners.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for extras.

3. Allow for budget contingencies.

4. Plan things in logical order.

5. Be realistic with the time.

6. Clarify, clarify, and then clarify some more (and put it in writing!).

Final Thoughts

Consider these strategies and tips, and invest the time and effort to learn the craft. Being a wedding and event planner can truly be a dream career if you just put your heart and soul into it.

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