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We're Working on New Initiatives to Help People in Our industries Retrain, Reenergise and Reboot.

The Tourism, Hospitality, Sports and Event Sectors have been hard hit by Covid19. Whether you're in the UK, where the last few days have been especially difficult, or working in these sectors anywhere across the globe, the uncertainty and slow down of our world and work is challenging.

So, we're working hard on new initiatives to help people in our industries retrain, reenergise and reboot.

As a small business working with many freelancers, we understand how hard it is to stay motivated while you seek work or new income streams, save your own business, support your company all while trying to stay connected and keep your skills up-to-date.

We're exploring low-cost, affordable ways to help where we can with upskilling and reskilling. We'd love to offer this for free... but as a small business ourselves we need to ensure our own freelance trainers get paid! But we've done well enough this year (due to the global reach of virtual classes) to subsidise a range of programmes that we hope will help. We'll be releasing details over the next few days.

Wishing you all the warmest of regards,

Maria, Director

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