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A unique Opportunity to study with London's Premier Wedding Planner Siobhan Craven-Robins

This year's Wedding Planning Summer School courses will be led by one of the UK's leading wedding coordinators.

Professional wedding planner Siobhàn Craven-Robins has been arranging stylish, elegant and beautiful weddings since 1995 when she established the first dedicated wedding planning business in the UK.

Siobhàn is frequently invited to appear on national radio and television to advise on planning the perfect wedding.

Siobhàn offers her students a unique insight into her life as a successful wedding coordinator and shares her valuable knowledge and experience freely with her classes.

Summer School Wedding Planning Courses include:

Certificate in Wedding Planning (Foundations)

Starts 30 July, 5 days

A career in Wedding Planning offers the opportunity to create memorable moments for your wedding couple and their family and friends. Being part of this dynamic, rewarding and passion filled industry is perfect for those with just the right balance of superb organisation, people skills, drive, determination and creativity.

MasterClass Certificate in Advanced Wedding Planning Skills

Starts 6 August, 3 days

Are you ready to take your wedding planning skills to the next level? Looking to add additional services to your portfolio, like offering destination wedding services? Ready to start working with high-value clients, luxury venues and upmarket suppliers? Update your knowledge and ability to provide creative and unique weddings that result in memorable and unique experiences for your clients.

MasterClass Certificate in Wedding Planning Business Acceleration

Starts 9 August, 2 days

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to power-charge your wedding planning business from one of the most successful wedding coordinators in the UK - Siobhan Craven-Robins.

Siobhan's masterful networking, promotions and superb relationship management skills have taken her career to the pinnacle of the UK's wedding business.

And in this wedding business focused MasterClass, Siobhan will share her methods for success with you.

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