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Looking Back 3 Years.

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Just over 3 years ago we were all smiling faces in our London classrooms and on site tours - we weren't to know that within a week we would be helping students rush off to airports to beat border closures as the world came to standstill for the first round of pandemic lockdowns.

We're giving thanks this month that while we're not quite at pre-pandemic numbers on London courses, 2023 is proving that our participants still love training and learning in face-to-face environment and London course enrolments are improving term on term.

We are of course overjoyed that students from all around the UK and the world continue to join us in virtual classrooms. But we can't help it - we're event people and event people love being together and meeting in person!

So a throwback to March 2020 celebrating the students on our last pre-pandemic London classes who joined us from Puerto Rico, Burkina Faso, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Italy, Brunei and from around the UK.

The students were studying 5-day short courses or 2-day masterclasses including

  • Certificate in Event Management

  • Certificate in Venue Management

  • Certificate in Wedding Planning

  • Certificate in Leadership and Management

  • MasterClass in Conference Management

  • MasterClass in Managing Events as Projects

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