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Acting as Skilled Government Lobbyists during Covid. National Association of Wedding Professionals.

The National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP) was formed in 2013 to promote professionalism and integrity within the UK Wedding industry. It had been an idea that had been hatching for some years; we felt there was a need for a body that celebrated our industry and its talent and professionalism as well as supported it.

The aim of NAWP is to promote professional standards and ethics within the UK Wedding industry in order that a consistency of standards is maintained to meet the expectations of our Wedding clientele.

The NAWP logo is synonymous with excellence. Clients know on seeing the logo that they are booking a vendor of professional and ethical calibre whose work has been recognised and acknowledged through stringent joining criteria.

Regardless of the sector you work in within the Wedding industry, we all experience the same problems and issues. Sharing these with other professionals is helpful, and through the NAWP, we have created one source that echoes the sentiments of so many others – a powerful and viable representative for our businesses.

There are many benefits to the membership, aside from displaying the badge, such as effective networking with businesses of an equal standing and exchanging ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.

We actively promote our members by publishing their news and creating new PR opportunities.

Our Enterprise membership is for businesses or sole traders just starting out. We encourage new businesses and help set the standards to ensure they develop good practice as well as being an accessible sounding board for advice and opinion.

The pandemic has meant that we have developed our purpose in a way we didn’t really ever envisage in that we have been actively lobbying Government and have formed part of a group who have been in liaison with Government and PHE in advising on the situation for those in our industry and aiding with the published guidelines.

We have also been in consultation with the CMA giving insight into our industry business practice and client relationship. As stakeholders with the Law Commission we are also part of the consultation process for the proposed changes to the Marriage Laws.

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Event School Students and Graduates Attending an NAWP Industry Networking and Upskilling Event at The Old Marylebone Town Hall



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