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Celebrating Life's Milestones with Humanist Ceremonies: Insights from Deborah Hooper

We were recently graced with the presence of an extraordinary guest speaker at The Event School London - Deborah Hooper, Director of Ceremonies at Humanists UK. Our wedding and event planning students had the privilege of learning from her expertise as a Humanist Celebrant.

The Beauty of Non-Religious Ceremonies

Deborah Hooper, Guest Speaker, Humanist Event and Wedding Ceremonies

During her talk, Deborah shed light on the unique beauty of non-religious funerals, weddings, and naming ceremonies. These ceremonies, stripped of religious rituals, focus on the individuals involved, their relationships, and their journey in life.

They are tailored to be deeply personal and reflective of the people they are meant to honor.

Crafting Meaningful Experiences

What stood out about Deborah’s approach is her dedication to creating memorable and meaningful ceremonies for non-religious families and couples. She believes that every milestone in life, whether it's a joyous wedding or a solemn funeral, deserves to be marked in a way that resonates with those involved.

Her passion for her work is evident in the way she meticulously plans each ceremony, ensuring that it not only celebrates the occasion but also captures the essence of the people at its heart.

Leading the Way in Humanist Ceremonies

Deborah is a true trailblazer in the Humanist Ceremonies network. Her commitment to helping others celebrate life's milestones in a way that aligns with their beliefs and values is truly inspiring. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Deborah for sharing her insights with us and leading the way in this field.

With speakers like Deborah, we continue to provide our students with a holistic understanding of event planning, exposing them to a variety of practices and philosophies. We eagerly look forward to welcoming more industry experts to share their knowledge and experiences.


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  • Class Lecturer: Siobhan Craven-Robins @siobhancravenrobinsweddings

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