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Celebrating Success: The Event School London's Awards for Excellence 2024

Updated: Apr 19

The Event School London Awards for Excellence 2024

On the unique leap day of 29 February, The Event School London hosted its Awards for Excellence 2024. This intimate gathering was not just an event, but a celebration of the unwavering dedication and outstanding achievements within the school community. In a setting that encouraged warmth and personal accolades, the ceremony was a testament to the school’s ethos of recognising and uplifting individual accomplishments.

The ceremony was designed to honor a spectrum of achievements, from academic brilliance and graduate success to teaching excellence, entrepreneurship and active industry involvement. Each award served as a milestone, marking the exceptional efforts of students, alumni, and faculty members whose work has not only elevated the standards of The Event School London but also made a significant impact in the field of event management and on their student's lives.

Introducing the Awards, Maria O'Dea, School Director shared the highlights of the School's history including being offered a contract with "The 5 Host Boroughs" training and preparing people to work at London 2012 and winning RSVP Luxury Events Award for Innovation.

"Since our inception in 2005, the real highlights are the achievements and successes of our teaching team, students and graduates, which is why we come together this evening to celebrate with with these awards for excellence."
Maria O'Dea, School Director

Roger Hooker, Chief Operating Officer at ExCeL London, gave an inspiring speech before presenting our Teaching Excellence winners with their awards. He spoke of how the event industry provides an incredible experience for those who choose it as their career, and reminded attendees of the importance of training and lifelong learning as essential for growth and success.

"A great evening and opportunity to reward both the students and teachers. A brilliant initiative. Thank you for the invitation and to share your success."
Roger Hooker, COO ExCeL London

As attendees mingled at the post-ceremony reception, the air was filled with stories of achievements and shared experiences that bind the school community together. It was an evening where the collective spirit of striving for excellence was palpable, and the pride in each other’s success resonated throughout the room.

The school would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who were present to support and celebrate the accomplishments of the winners. Your presence demonstrated the strong community spirit that The Event School London takes pride in.

The success of the Award for Excellence ceremony was, in many ways, a reflection of the collective support and encouragement that is a hallmark of the school's community. Here's to many more years of excellence and shared success!

Congratulating our Award Winners present to receive their awards at the event

  • Industry Appreciation Award: Novotel London ExCeL

  • Award for Teaching Excellence: Siobhan Craven-Robins

  • Award for Teaching Excellence: Nick Oxborrow

  • Award for Excellence, Industry Engagement: Emma Murray-Jones

  • Award for Excellence, Entrepreneurship: Ben Parker

  • Academic Excellence Award: Camille Roman

  • Graduate Award for Excellence: Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths 

  • Graduate Award for Excellence: Michelle Lockwood 

  • Graduate Award for Excellence: Sandra Maureder

  • Graduate Award for Excellence: Akilah Atiba-Davies 

Congratulating our Award Winners unable to attend

i.e. Virtual Programmes and/or currently Overseas/Outside London

  • Award for Academic Excellence: Olivia Johnson

  • Award for Academic Excellence: Olivia Greenwood 

  • Award for Academic Excellence: Andre Gravata

  • Award for Academic Excellence: Nezhada Gomes

  • Award for Academic Excellence: Sara Corominas Dominguez

  • Award for Academic Excellence: Amanda Kozak

  • Graduate Award for Excellence: Roberta Burcheri

  • Graduate Award for Excellence: Yara Abdallah

  • Graduate Award for Excellence: Ollie Morris


Watch this space as we profile our individual winners and their achievements over the next few weeks.


Photography: Milo Robinson, 

Videography: Parris Wright

Event Manager: Hayley Clarke

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