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The Event School London Champions In-Person Classes as a Vital Component of Effective Learning.

Corporate Event Managers in class with The Event School London

These students were learning to plan more effectively during their MasterClass with Nick Oxborrow at the Novotel ExCeL London last week.

✔️Small class sizes ensure our classes offer meaningful, personalised training. 👭🧑‍🤝‍🧑

✔️Adapting our teaching to meet participants' learning goals, means they leave with a toolkit of useful practices that will work for them in their particular environment. 📋

✔️ Classes are easy to access from across London with our closest station, Custom House, on the Elizabeth Line or DLR 🚆

✔️Course participants wanting convenient accommodation can choose from a range of hotels 🏨 on the ExCeL London site - and then🚶‍♀️walk to class!

✔️Face-to-face classes in London offer the kind of impactful learning experiences that we know #IRL human interaction provides and that #EventProfs love! 👨‍🏫‍🤝‍🙋

Face-to-face training offers numerous benefits that significantly enhance the learning experience, making it a preferred method of instruction for many.

This traditional form of teaching facilitates real-time interaction and immediate feedback, allowing learners to ask questions and clarify doubts instantly. Such interactions are invaluable as they enable a dynamic learning environment where students can engage directly with instructors and peers, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Face-to-face training encourages the development of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving within a collaborative setting. These skills are crucial in the professional world, and the direct engagement offered by in-person classes promotes their growth in ways that online formats may not fully replicate.

The Event School London recognises the unique advantages of face-to-face training and continues to offer classes in London, event where many other providers have moved to fully online.

The school understands that the immersive experience of face-to-face learning is particularly beneficial in fields like event management, where hands-on experience and real-world interactions are paramount.

By conducting classes in London, a global hub for major events and conferences, The Event School London enables students to not only learn from experienced professionals but also to connect with the industry directly. This proximity to the professional world offers learners unparalleled opportunities for networking, practical learning, and career advancement.

The Event School London's commitment to face-to-face classes in the vibrant city of London caters to a diverse range of learners seeking a comprehensive educational experience. The physical presence in a classroom allows for a culturally enriching experience, where learners from various backgrounds can share perspectives and insights, enhancing the learning process for everyone involved.

Additionally, the school's location in London means students can take advantage of the city's vast resources, including workshops, guest speakers from the industry, and live event opportunities.

These experiences are integral to the school's hands-on approach to teaching and exemplify why The Event School London continues to champion in-person classes as a vital component of effective learning.


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(For those who can't make it to London, we offer the next best thing - face-to-face teaching in real time with our Virtual Courses - taught live online, by the same teachers with the same content, engaging activities and personal interaction as our London courses)



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