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Creating Dream Event Settings – Budget vs. Reality

When it comes to creating beautiful and stunning events, the sky is the limit for your ideas,

but the budget is sadly limited. I’ve often heard statements like “I’d love to do (fabulous

idea) but it is going to be too expensive”.

While this statement probably has a lot of truth to it, it can also limit us thinking about great ideas.

My top advice to overcome this is to dream first without restrictions as that is when the

really fabulous and fun ideas will come. Do not edit yourself or worry about reality.

Once you have that done, then look at your budget and start thinking about what funds you have to spend. The final step is to start having fun on how to turn your dreams into reality.

The way I do this is by working out what key elements from your dream will be possible.

This will involve compromise but my top tip is focus on things that will make a big impact.

Fabulous music, vibrant lighting, big décor statements.

In this example, we built a fabulous sparkling moon instead of a stage backdrop. The focus

of the eye goes to the moon which is so much more fabulous.

My motto is reach for the moon, and if you fail, you fall amongst the stars. For me, this really does apply for creating dream event settings.

Photo: Glittering Moon for a Chinese New Year


Nick Oxborrow is the Director and Founder of Fabulation and is a guest lecturer for event management. With an educational background in Switzerland and Boston, Nick has had experience in managing events, as well as lecturing and running training programmes in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Geneva, Boston, Kenya, Tanzania and London.

He has a Masters in Hospitality Administration and is formally a lecturer of the London School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure at Thames Valley University and University Nevada Las Vegas, Singapore and the London School of Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure.

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