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How to pick the best suppliers for your client's event.

Choosing the best suppliers for your couple’s wedding day or your client’s event can determine the success of the occasion - so it’s really important to pick the right suppliers!

Here are my top six tips to pick the best suppliers to ensure your events are perfect:

1. Always get more then one quote - it’s important to always get multiple quotes so you can compare price points and package inclusions. Showing your clients a variety of quotes also illustrates your knowledge of suppliers in the industry, whilst demonstrating that you are searching for the best option for them – which in turn validates the confidence they have placed in you.

2. Make sure you do understand each quote and always check the following:

  • Does the quote include VAT?

  • Check the collection and delivery times/day of the week - early/late collection and delivery day of the week can incur additional costs. It’s important you understand this in full and if you venue is flexible with delivery/collection times and dates, this could be a possible cost saving area.

Are there any additional costs that could be applicable?

For example:

  • Travel and subsistence

  • With stationery quotes, I have seen the design charged on an per hour basis, but at the initial quote stage it will be hard to gauge the time the design will take and any amendments. So do discuss this with the supplier and at least include an average so that the pricing is as close as possible

3. Payment - make sure you understand clearly the deposits required by each supplier, so you have no surprises. Should you and your client wish to change any deposit schedule, the time to discuss this is before the contract is signed.

4. Reviews - depending on how you have found your supplier - especially if you have found them online - it’s important to make sure they are trustworthy and reliable. The best way to check this is by asking trusted colleagues in the industry to see if they know or know of that supplier and to ask for references from past clients.

5. Insurance - Another way to check how reliable a supplier is, is to ask to see their public liability. In general most good suppliers will have a cover of around 3 to 5 million - which illustrates they have done their due diligence around health and safety. If they don’t have public liability, this would be a warning sign for me, that this is a new (and potentially unexperienced) business.

6. Health and safety - most venues will now have strict health and safety requirements, so is it important that you and the suppliers that you are putting forward also comply with these requirements. You would not want a confirmed supplier (which you have recommended) to be cancelled at a later date if they don’t meet the right criteria to work in that hotel or venue

I hope you have found the above tips helpful and if you have any questions, do contact me directly, I am always happy to chat and discuss things further.

Emma Murray-Jones

Tel: +44 (0) 7811 903 668

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