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For Students Who Want More.

Our Full-Time Courses in London are designed for students who want to do more, not less.
Event Management courses at The Event School London

If you are looking for less time in London, less in-person training, less face-to-face interaction, less industry engagement, less live event experience, less effort or less commitment...then our full-time courses won't be right for you.

Discover the Power of More

We believe that in today's competitive job market, standing out requires more than just theoretical knowledge; it demands hands-on experience, industry connections, interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt to real-world challenges. At The Event School London, we recognise that ambition and drive should be met with opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. That's why our full-time courses are designed for students who want more—more face-to-face time, more experiential learning, more career support, and ultimately, more success.

More Face-to-Face Time

The event industry and education both thrive on personal interaction. Our full-time courses ensure students spend significant time with lecturers, tutors, and mentors. This face-to-face engagement allows for deeper understanding, immediate feedback, and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with industry experts who are committed to your growth.

In real terms, this means our full-time students have scheduled face-to-face classes in London for an average of 15 hours a week. Generally timetabled hours are 10am-4pm with an hour break, over three consecutive days per week.

Students on six-month courses will have 20 weeks of face-to-face classes scheduled over two terms, and on one-year courses its 30 weeks over three terms. (For context many universities deliver classes 18-22 weeks a year)

More In-Person Training

Theory is important, but practical skills are indispensable. Our curriculum includes extensive in-person training sessions where students can apply their knowledge in realistic settings. From business and leadership simulations to planning and delivering live events, our hands-on approach prepares you for the dynamic world of event management.

More Site Tours and Excursions

London is a global hub for events, and we make the most of it. Our students enjoy regular site tours and excursions to some of the city's most iconic venues and events. These outings provide invaluable insights into venue operations, event logistics, and the latest industry trends, all while experiencing the buzz of live events.

More Experiential Learning

At The Event School London, learning is an experience. Our courses incorporate various forms of experiential learning, from interactive workshops and group projects to guest speaker Q&As to live event participation or product tasting or testing. This approach ensures that students not only learn about event management but also live it, gaining the confidence and competence needed to excel.

More Volunteer, Employment, and Career Opportunities

We are dedicated to bridging the gap between education and employment and each student has an allocated personal career mentor for the duration of their studies. Our students also benefit from numerous volunteer opportunities at high-profile events, offering a taste of the industry and the chance to build a robust resume. Additionally, our strong connections with industry leaders mean that we can offer exclusive employment opportunities and internships that often lead to full-time roles.

More Networking

Networking is a cornerstone of the events industry. Our courses provide ample opportunities to connect with peers, professionals, and potential employers. Whether through guest lectures, industry panels, mentor connections or networking events, our students build a strong professional network that supports their career aspirations.

More Accompanied Guided Attendance at Industry Events

Experience is the best teacher, and there’s no better experience than attending industry events. Our students don’t just attend these events; they do so with guided support from our knowledgeable staff. This accompanied attendance ensures that students maximise their learning opportunities and gain insights that only come from being part of the action.

Join Us for an Unparalleled Educational Journey

The Event School London is not just a school; it’s a launchpad for your career in the events industry. Our full-time courses are meticulously crafted for students who want more out of their education and more out of their future. Join us, and let us help you unlock the doors to an exciting and fulfilling career in event management.

For more information about our full-time courses and how you can enroll, click here or contact our admissions team today. Your future in the events industry starts here.


About The Event School London

The Event School London is the premier institution for aspiring event professionals. Located in the heart of London's event scene in venues on the ExCeL London campus, we offer a range of courses designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed in the dynamic world of event management. Our focus on practical learning, industry engagement, and career support sets us apart as a leader in event education and make us the provdier of choice for a wide range of organisations.


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