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Hottest Trends - Venue Scent Design for Weddings and Events

We loved their passion for fragrance when we met Katy and John from O by Olfacto UK at the National Association of Wedding Professionals - NAWP event at Harvey Nichols

With scent design one of the hottest trends for weddings and events in 2022, we highly recommend jumping over to to learn about commercial scenting solutions for your clients.


About O-by-Olfacto

Originally founded in Courchevel, France, by world class chef, Cèdric Lalouelle, O by Olfacto combines French romanticism and British elegance to create emotive sensory experiences through luxury scents.

UK founders Katy Worthy and John Tarbet have over 40 years’ combined experience within interior design, commercial building technology, and luxury hospitality.

Their passion for fragrance stems from a belief that design and ambience are captured through all modes of sense experience. Whether this is the final touch to a beautiful and comforting living space or an added level of immersion for customers in a commercial setting, scent design is a powerful way to improve and enhance your surroundings.

Their background in luxury hospitality and commercial interior design, coupled with their expertise in fragrance, means that they are best placed to use our skills for ambient scent marketing.

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