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Floral Musings: How To Pick The Right Flowers For Your Wedding

In a wedding, flowers are essential for the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ posies, entrance, table flowers, and interior decoration. They set the tone for weddings.

For instance, having tulips of different colours can add vibrancy to your aisle or table arrangement. Likewise, a bouquet filled with light pink hydrangea or baby’s breath can strike a more graceful bridal walk. Roses paired with gold ornaments around the wedding venue can also exude classic and exquisite wedding vibes.

With stylish blends of flowers and ornaments, you can convey your message of love and celebration in the best way possible.

However, with an extensive array of options, it may be challenging to find the ideal flowers for your wedding in the same way your partner quested after that perfect diamond ring. This process will surely take a lot of time, planning, and spending.

So, to help you create the most magical moments out of your wedding, we’ve listed down tips on choosing your wedding flowers. Let’s check them out!

An ultimate guide to choosing your wedding flowers

Here are eight useful tips to determine and choose the best wedding flowers for your special day.

1. Identify your budget

The first and foremost step to choosing your wedding flowers is identifying how much budget you can set aside for your wedding’s flowers.

Couples usually spend nearly 10 percent of their total wedding budget on floral arrangements.

You may end up spending more or less, depending on the types of flowers you’d like to have and how many arrangements you will need. But with the right planning and budgeting, your dream wedding on a budget is possible!

2. Begin with your favourite flower

Many people have favourite flowers they’ve dreamt of having at their weddings. Some love the classic red rose because it symbolises romance. Some prefer flowers with a rustic flair, like daisies. If you have a favourite flower you’d like to see at your wedding, it’s a good starting point because it reflects your preference and signature style.

What could also be more perfect than holding your bouquet with flowers that are close to your heart? If your fiancé gave you a bouquet of lilies on your first date, having lilies on your wedding bouquet can bring a major memory throwback and at the same time, create an unforgettable memory on your nuptial day.

3. Consider your wedding's colour scheme

If you want to keep an aesthetically pleasing setting, you might want to consider aligning the colours of your blooms with your wedding’s colour palette. Take a cue from your invitation design, attire, table linens, and even miscellaneous accents. If your wedding colours include teal, you can buck it up with terracotta and rust wedding flowers.

4. Factor in your wedding venue and location

Aside from considering your wedding theme, you must also factor in your wedding venue and location. This allows you to know the height and volume of the flowers that’ll be displayed.

Ideally, a wedding setting with lower ceilings shouldn’t be crowded with tall or heavy flowers.

But if the venue is an indoor setting with high ceilings, flowers that are sizeable and tall work better than the short ones, as these may be barely visible.

Flowers must be positioned in a way that it complements space to avoid making the event venue look crowded or empty.

For an outdoor wedding venue, having sunflower centrepieces would work best. If you’re having your wedding in a boutique inn with vintage vibes, lush red roses are the way to go.

5. Browse for flower arrangement inspo

You can also brush up on wedding flower trends or scroll through Pinterest to get some inspiration. This way, you might find floral arrangements you’ll love, which you can also show to your florist for visual reference. This also makes it easier for you to picture what your wedding will look with certain flower selections.

Begin making notes about your floral preferences as well, including colour, texture, and style.

6. Familiarise yourself with popular wedding flowers

Having a basic understanding of the type of flowers you want to have and their seasons will help you easily coordinate with your florist and achieve your dream floral arrangement. You can familiarise yourself with the types of flowers, their colours, and the seasons they grow in. Ideally, you pick flowers that are in season during your wedding date.

For a quick reference, here are some flowers that bloom during different seasons:

  • Spring - Orchids and tulips

  • Summer - Sunflowers and freesia

  • Autumn - Chrysanthemum and roses

  • Winter - Gardenia and poinsettias

7. Hire a wedding florist

Hiring a wedding florist can help you minimise the number of things you need to do before your wedding.

They’ll take care of the details once you’ve already briefed them about the wedding plan and venue, allowing you to achieve the beauty rest and pre-wedding relaxation you need.

Collaborate with a florist who can understand what you want, bring your vision to life, provide professional input, and intentionally help you make tough decisions.

Before you select one, you can check out their previous outputs to also get a sense of their style and specialties, and scroll through their online reviews.

8. Consider eco-friendly alternatives

If you’re environmentally conscious or you want to also be compassionate to the environment, there are plenty of eco-friendly practices you can opt for.

You can find local suppliers, choose seasonal blooms to ensure that no chemicals are used to force grow flowers, wrap flowers in recycled ribbons, consider using plants instead of flowers, and/or try using dried flowers instead. This way, you get to enjoy your wedding day while reducing your ecological footprint.

The bottom line

Choosing the best flowers for your wedding may seem like an overwhelming task. But you can bring your dream wedding to life with the right preparation and partner florist. You can start achieving this by considering these eight tips.


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