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International Sustainability Expert Speaks to Students Keen to Green their Events

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

We were delighted to welcome Ken Hickson as a guest speaker on our MasterClass in Sustainable Events. With so many event organisers, venues and event producers wanting to create greener events, hearing from a sustainability specialist with Ken's level of expertise was an incredibly valuable experience for our class.

Based in Singapore, Ken was able to share with us his journey on arguably one of the world's most famous sustainable events, i Light Marina Bay festival . And with Ken's background in journalism, we were not only educated but entertained!

Our sincere and most heartfelt thanks to Ken for his time and generosity in guiding our students towards hosting more sustainable events in the future.


Ken Hickson is the Chairman of Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA) and Managing Editor of ABC Carbon Express, Focus on Forests and The Art of Travel.

As journalist in New Zealand, he worked in newspapers, radio, magazines and television. He is author of 7 books, 4 published in Singapore, including “Race for Sustainability”.

Ken first came to Singapore in 1983 as consultant to SIA in Public Affairs and International Relations.

He set up his international communications consultancy in 1986 and his clients included STB, BMW, DHL, Lendlease, Hitachi, Canon and Intel. From 2000, he spent ten years in Australia, where he was Associate Professor adjunct at the University of Sunshine Coast and lectured in international communications.

On returning to Singapore in 2010, he set up Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA), the first home grown consultancy servicing sustainability sectors.


Ken Hickson

Managing Editor

ABC Carbon Express

Author “The ABC of Carbon”


Click here for more information on Ken's life and work including his most recent article



Click here for more information on one of Ken's most famous event sustainability projects,


Ken was speaking on a MasterClass in Sustainable Events. Students on this course were learning:

1. How sustainability can be applied to events

2. How to identify environmental issues and opportunities for events

3. About the requirements for developing a sustainability environmental policy and plan

4. How to set event sustainability objectives and measurements of success

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