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One Year On. The Wedding Planning Class of Feb 2020 are Resilient and Resourceful and in Business!

One year ago these amazing wedding planning graduates started their evening classes in a normal world. A few weeks later they were studying in virtual classrooms as London entered its first lockdown. ✨

They all completed their course in live online classes with Siobhan Craven-Robins and we are so proud of the progress they have made since then even in the most difficult of difficult times. ✨

Many of them have set up their own wedding planning businesses and continue to engage with their couples and prospective clients, supporting them in changing dates, arranging micro-weddings or even eloping! ✨

The class of Feb 2020 have shown remarkable resilience and strength. We know that their hard work staying current, staying relevant and staying in touch wth their communities, will pay off as the 200,000 couples (in the UK alone) who had postponed their weddings will need their services once weddings are back

(🤞for summer 2021!) ✨

You can hear from our wedding planning graduates on:



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