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Revolutionising Wedding & Party Planning: The Event School London Collaborates with "That's The One"

Maria O'Dea and Katerina Trefilova
Maria O'Dea and Katerina Trefilova

The Event School London, renowned for its exceptional training in wedding, party and event planning industry, has taken a significant step towards integrating technology into its curriculum through a new partnership with "That's The One" (TTO), a bespoke software platform designed for wedding and event planners. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the world of planning education.


TTO, is an innovative platform launched by Founder Katerina Trefilova, after her own personal experience that highlighted a gap in the market:

TTO Founder Katerina Trefilova
Katerina at TTO's Launch Day, Eiffel Tower, Paris

"This is where it all began! An incredible sunset view, surprise proposal, and lots of Portuguese sangria,"

Trefilova reminisces about her engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The necessity of online planning during this period shed light on the outdated methods used by many planners, such as reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes.

TTO was born from the desire to streamline these outdated methods and help planners focus on their passion: creating memorable, design-led experiences for their clients.

One of the unique aspects of TTO is its team of resident planners, including the esteemed Colin Cowie of Colin Cowie Lifestyle, Vogue's No. 1 Best Wedding Planner and many more. Their expertise and diverse backgrounds contribute immensely to TTO's user experience, providing valuable insights and ensuring the platform meets the nuanced needs of today's planners.

For students at The Event School London, this collaboration opens a world of technological empowerment. TTO offers students a three-month free period post-graduation, a crucial time for either establishing their business or seeking employment. This gesture not only demonstrates TTO's commitment to nurturing new talent but also provides a practical tool to enhance the employability and business prospects of emerging planners.

Maria O'Dea, School Director at The Event School London, is enthusiastic about the partnership:

"We are looking forward to working with Katerina Trefilova, CEO & Founder of That's The One, to encourage and enable planners to embrace technology and enhance their employability or business prospects."

TTO stands out with its user-friendly features, designed to maximize efficiency and impress clients. The platform offers streamlined client communications, budget management, timelines, vendor management, and a suite of other tools, all aimed at elevating the planning experience. For a detailed insight into these features, visit TTO's Features Page.

Katerina Trefilova Speaking at the NAWP Event
Photo by @feeel at the NAWP Spring Networking Event

The connection between TTO and The Event School London is further strengthened by the relationship between Katerina Trefilova and Siobhan Craven-Robins, the lead wedding planning lecturer at the school and co-founder and director of the National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP).

Their collaboration was recently showcased at an NAWP event, where Trefilova delivered an informative presentation on TTO's platform and its development.

This partnership is not just a step forward for The Event School London and TTO; it represents a broader shift in the event planning industry towards technological integration.

It promises to equip the next generation of planners with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world, ensuring that they are not only skilled in the art of planning but also adept at leveraging technology to create unforgettable experiences.


Find out more about TTO at:

Click here for more about wedding planning courses with The Event School London



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