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The Bridelux Symposium: Staying In The Game

With the current situation many wedding professionals are considering leaving the industry and governments are encouraging us to retrain. Bridelux believes this is wrong! We must all Stay In The Game!

Over two days global wedding industry titans will come together to educate, advise and impart their knowledge and expertise to help keep your business in the game.

  • Planner, author and activist Sarah Haywood will speak on the viability of the global wedding industry.

  • Sarah Young from Malta will discuss the impact and future of destination weddings.

  • New York wedding icons Bob Conti, Vicki Dubai and Jes Gordon will give a take on the American future.

  • Design icon Ceci Johnson will share her pivoting experience.

  • Wendy El Khoury from Australia will evaluate the role of social media in getting into next year and beyond.

  • We also have three speakers from Latin America, Alfred Jan, Brenda Melgar and Zahira Domenech (live translation to/from Spanish will be available) amongst others.

The Symposium will be presented on Bridelux’s recently launched bespoke virtual platform Being There ® Tickets are £40GBP/$50USD


Learn more about Bridelux:


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