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The Life of an Event Manager

Updated: May 26, 2023

Event management is a career where no two days are the same. And each event an event manager organises can be very different. That's what makes event management one of the world’s most interesting and sometimes challenging jobs!

Events Managers are professional planners responsible for the planning and coordination of a wide range of events including sports events, exhibitions, festivals, weddings, corporate meetings, product launches, conventions, conferences, concerts and trade shows.

By the way - event managers can go by many different names. here are just a few different job titles an event management role may be called:

  • Conference Coordinator

  • Meeting Planner

  • Event Planner

  • Event Coordinator

  • Event Organiser

  • Corporate Events Manager

  • Exhibition Director

  • Event Manager

  • Event Specialist

  • Director of Events

  • Senior Meetings Planner

Event managers can be planning on average of five to nine events per year.

These events can take anywhere from two months to many years to plan, depending on the size and complexity of the event.

During the lead up time directly before an event - it is not unusual for an event manager to be working 15 plus hours a day.

The types of activities an event manager is involved in when planning an event is varied and depends on the role and the organisation.

Here are just a few examples if activities an event manager may be involved in:

  • Liaising with clients to determine the type of event clients wish to put on

  • Arranging services like the delivery of audio-visual equipment, the catering of food, the display of signage, the availability of transportation, etc.

  • Answering questions from the public or invited guests about the planned event

  • Promoting scheduled events to ensure maximum attendance

  • Securing appropriate venues for the type of event

  • Developing risk assessments and health and safety plans for the event

  • Developing a sustainability plan for the event

  • Using software to plan and monitor event activities and deadlines

  • Working with clients to reach mutually satisfactory event details and prices

  • Developing and finalising contracts

  • Creating event programmes that may include entertainment, professional speakers, break-out sessions, performers, seminars, workshops

  • Assisting with event theming and design - the look and feel of an event

  • Training event staff and volunteers

  • Organising the event registration process

  • Event set up - depending on the size of the event you may be involved in physical set up or supervising a team or ensuing the venue sets up the layout as required

  • Being on-site during build up (the days leading up to the event)

  • Briefing staff before the event

  • Coordinating activities during the event itself - monitoring staff and contractors to ensure everything goes to plan

  • Trouble-shooting and problem solving during the event so that any situations that arise are dealt with and their impact on the event minimised

  • Supervising the break-down of the event (the day or days following where suppliers may be removing their stock, rubbish needs to be removed, any damage done to the venue needs to be observed and accounted for etc)

  • Undertaking post event evaluations to obtain feedback from attendees, venues, organisers and other stakeholders

  • Conducting debriefs with your team

  • Preparing post-event reports for the event organisers or your manager or for a client

During the event manager's work planning and coordination of events they are constantly dealing with people and bringing people together with a united approach to ensuring the event is successful. No matter their volume, scale, profile or complexity of an event, managing events needs to be people focused. So spending time on relationships and communication with all relevant stakeholders is a key factor and responsibility in the life of an event manager.


Because there are so many specialisms within the events industry, The Event School London offer a range of event management and event planning courses to support participants in achieving the right skill set for their role or future career path.

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