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Virtual Courses are Back in 2021

Our Virtual Courses were introduced in April 2020 to provide our students with an alternative to London courses during the Covid19 pandemic. We have been delighted that our Virtual Courses, taught in live online classes, have received the same consistently excellent level of feedback as our London courses.

Our teachers have adapted their ability to interact and engage, inspire and enthuse into the virtual environment and many students are commenting that it's "just like being in a real class".

Plus our virtual course programme has allowed many students from countries around the world to take a "London course" from the safety and comfort of their own home or office.

So we are continue our Virtual Courses into 2021! They won't replace our London courses which start back in London in March 2021, but they'll compliment them offering an alternative for those who can't make it to London.

⭐ Virtual Morning Classes in February 2021

⭐ Virtual Evening Classes in September 2021

⭐ Virtual 5-day intensive short courses in July 2021

⭐ Virtual MasterClasses will be offered in March, May and November 2021

Find your Virtual course 👇

We hope you'll join our online learning community!

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