Weddings Won’t Go Away. (We're just on a break!)

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

We were on a break!’

It certainly feels like we are ‘on a break’ right now; but that is ALL it is. We will get back to normal, weddings will continue to take place and our industry will thrive again. We are not winding down to a close, it’s just we can’t quite see the end of this yet, and with that comes worry.

It’s hardly been a break or rest period as there’s been weddings to undo and reappraise - not something we are in the business of doing to this extent. We all know we will come out of it eventually and we are doing our best to get through it.

I sincerely hope you can all take some time out to share a much-needed laugh - needed to help sustain us on a busy wedding day, and now, more than ever.

With thanks to @eyeimagine for this lovely memory of past times that will return.
Lovely times that will return!

Love this throwback to behind the scenes, a sustaining coffee break moment for Samantha and me at a wedding @goodwood_estate in 2007. No doubt, sharing a laugh with Head Butler David and his team as the evening is winding down to a close.

(With thanks to @eyeimagine for this lovely memory of past times)


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