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Your Travel Plans May Be Disrupted - But Your Study Plans Don't Need To Be!

Our virtual courses mean you can get certified from anywhere in the world!

With our live-classes, delivered through video-conferencing, connect and interact with your course trainer and classmates from all around the globe, creating a vibrant and dynamic learning community.

No matter where you are, we hope you'll find our online courses an opportunity to develop your skills through live, real-time interaction with professional, industry experienced trainers from The Event School London.

Whether you are looking for career change, or want to improve your prospects with new skills, our online courses provide the opportunity to work with our experienced trainers who can guide and advise you on achieving your professional goals.

Our virtual courses with live online classes include:

  • Event Management Courses

  • Wedding Planning Courses

  • Sports Event Management Courses

  • Leadership and Management Courses

  • Event Production Courses

  • Diploma Courses, Level 4

  • Certificate Courses, Level 3

  • MasterClass Courses

  • Workshops

Click here for our Virtual Diploma courses

Click here for our Virtual Certificate courses

Click here for our Virtual Workshops

Click here for our Virtual MasterClass courses


Or choose fully online courses and study at your own pace in your own time.

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Work planning

Online certificate courses

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