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20 Questions with Alison Hargreaves from Guides for Brides.

We wanted to get to know the person behind the Guides for Brides brand, so we've been playing "20 Questions" with Founder and Director Alison Hargreaves.

Find out more about how and why Alison formed Guides for Brides, what she finds most challenging and rewarding about being a business owner and learn a few surprising details about Alison and her life along the way.

(Look out for info on dream dinner guests, pony clubs and rose wine!)

"Guides for Brides have been helping brides and grooms for 25 years. We don't plan your wedding for you but give you the wedding tools, checklists and access to the UKs most comprehensive wedding directory so you can plan the perfect day."

More about Guides for Brides


Our "20 Questions Series" aims to learn more about the people behind the industry brands and leaders - having a little fun along the way!

Hosted by Maria O'Dea, Managing Director, The Event School London


The Event School London is a member of the London International Education Group

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