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Graduate Akilah Atiba-Davies Launches the South London Wedding Show

We knew Akilah would be a ground-breaker from the minute she joined her classes with us!

Passionate about the wedding industry and determined to offer the best of alternatives to couples looking to break from tradition, Akilah is already the successful owner of "With Akilah and Co" , London wedding planners specialising in elopement and intimate celebrations for multicultural couples.

And her entrepreneurial nature has taken her to the next level as she launches the newest modern wedding show to reach South London. "For modern weddings that break the rules but feel so good!"

We interviewed Akilah to find out more about why she took this next step and how she did it.

Hi Akilah, before we find out more about the new show, can you tell us about your wedding planning business?

" With Akilah and Co are London wedding planners for elopement and intimate celebrations for multicultural couples.

We focus on creating really personal experiences for our couple that really know how important it is to please their families whilst ensuring their day is what they want.

We love when our couples feel confident in their choices when they break away from what is normal to their family and friends."

Why did you decide to develop and launch a new wedding show?

"Living in London, has many benefits! Especially the network with the Wedding industry. All the cool weddings however, seem to come out of East London.

I really wanted to bring the modern trendy alternative scene to South London as we have some amazing suppliers here and they are all going to fit within one epic venue in South London.

A chance for couples to pick their local suppliers in one venue is going to be amazing "

Can you tell us how you went about planning the show?

" It was a really fun process and I cannot wait to see it all come together.

I used to plan small business fairs for the local community to come and meet their small local Businesses and raise money for charity too… was so much fun and really where I came alive.

I am now able to apply this to weddings and actually watch other suppliers be amazing at what they do. We collaborated with the amazing venue and suppliers were amazing.

Trusting the vision and getting the chance to meet potential couples made this process simple. "

What next for the South London Wedding Show?

" It’s been an amazing experience planning this and I can see amazing projects happening out of this so, we are on the hunt for a new venue for the end of the year side and we cannot wait to watch this grow for suppliers and couples of south London. "



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