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3 Reasons an Intimate or Small Wedding is For You!

Deciding on a micro wedding is not easy. Hence, the reason elopements became so popular. How can you decide on only up to 50 guests, it really is a tricky task. However, throwing a pandemic with rules of 15, I definitely understand the headache. So, if you are writing a pro and con list. Here are three pros you can automatically add to your list, woohoo.

1. You get to truly make the decisions for your day.

Doesn’t this just sound like an absolute relief. Can you imagine actually making plans for you and your fiance on your wedding day? I know, me too. This seems like such a silly point, but I promise you it isn’t. The larger your wedding, the more likely you will be making those final decisions for your guests and not you. If you really want to make your day the most memorable, fun and authentically you, then go small and indulge on your choices. Your meal choice, your drink choices and even your venue. You really won't regret it.

2. It will be really hard to overspend.

FACT! Don't believe me? Just ask any couple that has already tied the knot and see for yourself. I am not saying your budget will be low, it is just easier to track and decide on where your priorities are when it comes to setting and sticking to your budget. Whether that is £3,000 or £100,000. As long as you talk with your fiance about those priorities (try and pick three), then you wont need to compromise on those important details.

3. An experience of a lifetime.

Now if you do care about your guests and how they will experience your wedding day, this is such an important reason. Because you will have those limited guest numbers, you will know your guests in and out. See reason 1! Remember it is still your wedding day. But, you can think about elements that will truly wow your guests like personalised favours or welcome packs if you are making a weekend out of your celebrations. My last micro wedding, their guests travelled from France and it was their first time in Central London. The beautiful couple had also never got on a vintage London Bus, and so booked the full tour for their guests and them to enjoy, travelling from their ceremony to their reception for some much needed catch up time and classic London city sightseeing. It was one of their highlights and they loved every minute.

That was easy, three pros added to your list on why you should decide on a micro wedding.

If you need any more convincing download this free guide today Secrets To Planning The Best Micro Wedding —Revealed!

Akilah xo

An intimate wedding by "Events with Akilah"

Bridal Dresses: Story of my Dress Bridal

Grooms Outfit: Asos

Videographer: Tie The Knot

Bridal Accessories: Bunny Loves Evie

Hair Stylist: Brides by Aina.M

Make up Artist: Sara Sordillo

Stationary: Pen & Fold

Art Director: Merianne

Celebrant: Jennifer Patrice

Creative Director and Shoot Assistant: Amina Grey

Calligraphy: KWT Calligraphy

Cake: B Bakes London

Photographer: Florence Akano Photography

Models: Jassiem Howard and Nicole Power

Second Photographer: Kaptured by Kage

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