If Finances and Time Allow....Why Now is the Ideal Time to Study to Become a Wedding Planner

As we all well know, this pandemic has created an unprecedented situation. It feels like life has been on hold for most of this year and we all feel a frustration in not knowing quite when it will be over, and we will be back to a semblance of ‘normal’.

Wedding Planner

What we do know, is that we will get back to normal and when we do, there will be all the more reason to celebrate.

One of the industries that will reignite is the wedding industry.

I think that finding something to do: a project to fulfil, is helpful during this time of uncertainty where we perhaps feel we are progressing very little in anything. Time on our hands is a precious and rare commodity nowadays and having time can allow us to think and readdress.

I think there will be a lot of career changes and new businesses that will spring from this strange time. If finances and time allow, now IS the time to study, research and prepare the groundwork for launching a new enterprise.

It takes time to set up a business and the ‘behind the scenes’ groundwork is what takes time: designing and constructing a website, designing your logo, registering social media accounts, registering your business, opening bank account etc.

All of these can be done now and activated when you are ready to launch. Productive use of the time available now is satisfying and being able to go at your own pace, even more so.

About Siobhan

Siobhan is acknowledged in the industry as the UK’s first Wedding Planner.

And as well as being one of the UK's Wedding Industry Leaders and Influencers, she is an inspiration, coach and mentor to her students and graduates from The Event School London.

Back in 1995, Siobhan recognised a gap in the market for designated co-ordinators to help couples through the wedding planning process saving them time, money and disappointment.

Siobhan is now established as one of the UK’s leading wedding co-ordinators. Her beautiful weddings have featured in Hello, OK! and many bridal magazines in various countries around the world. Her famous clients include Joan Collins, Barbara Windsor, Greg Kinnear, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Des O’Connor and Ronni Ancona.

She was GMTV’s resident wedding expert and featured on the show for the Interactive

wedding (2002-2006) where she designed various aspects of a wedding for the viewers to

vote on. In 2005 she launched her DVD, ‘From This Day Forward’, a guide to planning the perfect wedding.