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Celebrating Excellence: Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths, a Beacon of Innovation in Event Planning

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths a recipient of the prestigious Graduate Award for Excellence.

Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths, Graduate Award for Excellence The Event School London
Marsha's journey is one of unwavering commitment to her craft and an inspiring testament to where passion and hard work can lead.

Marsha is not only the visionary behind her successful enterprise, Mollineau Weddings & Events, but also an innovator in personal branding.

Her strategic prowess in marketing and public relations sets her apart in the competitive landscape of online branding. The calibre of her marketing strategies and her adept use of social media communications have established her as a distinctive voice in the event planning field.

Her contributions extend beyond her business. Marsha's dedication to her craft has paved the way for her to become a leading figure amongst her peers and clientele. Her hard work and persistence have not only propelled her career forward but have also set a high standard for current and future graduates of The Event School London.

Marsha's career path—characterised by her unique approach to event planning, her financial savvy, and her luxurious yet laid-back style—reflects her deep understanding of her clients' desires for their special events.

As we honor Marsha with the Graduate Award for Excellence, we are reminded of the power of education to transform dreams into reality.

Marsha embodies the ethos of The Event School London, demonstrating that with the right foundation, one can truly excel and inspire others.


Learn more about Marsha and her achievements:



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