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Celebrating Siobhan Craven-Robins with the Prestigious Teaching Excellence Award

Siobhan Craven-Robins, Lead Wedding Planning at The Event School London

At the Awards for Excellence ceremony that gathered educators, students, and members of the event industry, The Event School London bestowed the coveted Teaching Excellence Award on Siobhan Craven-Robins, a luminary in the field of wedding planning and education.

This accolade comes in recognition of her inspirational teaching style and exceptional care for her students, traits that have consistently earned her 5-star feedback across both London-based and virtual classrooms.

During the award ceremony, School Director Maria O'Dea highlighted the reasons behind Siobhan's selection for this prestigious honor.

“Siobhan receives consistently excellent feedback from her London and virtual students, scoring 5 stars each and every time!”

However, it was the testimonials of her students that truly painted a picture of Siobhan's profound impact on their educational journey.

Leanne, a student who recently completed the certificate in wedding planning under Siobhan's guidance, shared her excitement for continuing her studies:

“Siobhan is outstanding and amazing at everything she puts herself into. I’m so grateful to learn from the best and inspired to do great things. Her course is engaging and really insightful into the wedding/event industry. Honestly, I couldn’t have chosen a course and teacher better suited.”

Echoing Leanne’s sentiments, another student, Melanie, described being taught by Siobhan as a "true privilege," underscoring the calibre and passion Siobhan brings to her teaching.

Siobhan Craven-Robins is not only the lead lecturer on The Event School London’s exclusive wedding planning courses but is also celebrated for establishing the UK's first wedding coordination service in 1996. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, with her beautifully orchestrated weddings featured in prestigious publications like Hello, OK!, and numerous bridal magazines across the globe.

As a Founder & Director of the National Association of Wedding Professionals and past Chairperson Legacy & Representation Working Group for The UK Weddings Taskforce, Siobhan represents the wedding industry at large. She is a sought-after keynote speaker at industry events, including Bridelux Symposiums and WedMeetUp UK, sharing her insights and inspiring future generations of wedding planners.

The Teaching Excellence Award is not just a testament to Siobhan Craven-Robins’ dedication and skill as an educator but also highlights her significant contributions to the wedding planning industry.

The Event School London is proud to have such a distinguished professional shaping the minds of future wedding and event planning leaders. Siobhan’s unwavering commitment to excellence and student success continues to inspire all at The Event School London and beyond.

Siobhan Craven-Robins, Lead Wedding Planning at The Event School London


MC: School Director Maria O’Dea

Speaker & Awards Presenter: Roger Hooker

Venue: Novotel London ExCeL

Photography: Milo Robinson

Videography: Parris Wright

Student Event Manager: Hayley Clarke

Training Coordinator: Natalie Green



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