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Camille Roman's Academic Excellence Acknowledged at the Awards for Excellence 2024

Camille Roman's Academic Excellence Award from The Event School London

Camille Roman's name is now synonymous with academic and professional excellence in the event planning sector.

A seasoned expert with over five and a half years of experience, Camille’s journey to winning the Award for Academic Excellence is a testament to her dedication and innovative spirit in the wedding planning, design, styling, and coordination realms.

Camille Roman's Academic Excellence Award from The Event School London

When Nick Oxborrow, an international award-winning event industry leader, presented her with the award, it was a clear indication of the high regard in which her professional abilities are held.

Camille is more than an Events and Marketing Manager; she is an artist and a visionary, whose diverse and fresh perspective is redefining the wedding industry.

In announcing Camille's win, School Director Maria O'Dea shared:

Our Diploma students all complete a challenging research project as their final assessment. They are asked to complete a range of tasks that simulate what they will need to do in the real world if asked to take on the planning of an event, or in this winner’s case, a complex wedding. Camille's lecturer and assessor was UK wedding industry leader and influencer, Siobhan Craven-Robins. Commenting on Camille's outstanding assessment, Siobhan noted that she “…produced an imaginative, well thought out and exceptionally well-presented assessment. Provided inspired entertainment ideas! And showed an excellent eye for detail."

About Camille

Alongside her Wedding Planning, Design, Styling and Co-ordination Services offered by her own brand, POSY PATOU, Camille works at Albion House as their Events & Marketing Manager, where her passion and creativity shine through in every project she touches. Her experience in set design production, where she honed her skills in creating inspiration boards and art direction, has added an extra dimension to her event planning prowess. Her core competencies are as diverse as they are impressive.

Camille manages and delivers bespoke and memorable events that go beyond the expectations of her clients. Her knack for marketing and promoting the hotel's services ensures that each event is not only a spectacle of the moment but also a beacon for future endeavors. Her collaboration with various vendors and suppliers is rooted in a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationships that are the backbone of successful event planning.

Camille's driving force is her commitment to creating beautiful and unique weddings that mirror the individual personalities and visions of the couples she works with. Her approach is characterized by a distinctive blend of her background in fashion and design with her extensive wedding planning experience. This combination enables her to craft events that are not merely celebrations but are expressions of personal stories and dreams brought to life.

As we celebrate Camille Roman's remarkable achievements, it is clear that her career is a portfolio of innovation and excellence.

Camille's story is an inspiration, urging us all to blend our passions with our professions to create work that is not only successful but also deeply fulfilling.


The Event School London Awards for Excellence 2024

29 February 2024

MC: School Director, Maria O’Dea

Speaker & Awards Presenter: Roger Hooker

Award Presenters: Nick Oxborrow and Siobhan Craven-Robins

Venue: Novotel London ExCeL

Photography: Milo Robinson

Videography: Parris Wright

Student Event Manager: Hayley Clarke

Training Coordinator: Natalie Green





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