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Learning about Floor and Event Planning Software with Guest Speaker Allseated

We welcomed Ashley Abrams from AllSeated to speak with our students and to provide a demo of their event and floor planning software.

Ashley also introduced the class to the new Virtual Event and Virtual venue Tours function - ideal for a new post-pandemic hybrid world.

Ashley brought our class a new perspective on event software as she shared how simple and effective it was for planners to use these tools to make their planing more efficient and to share design and planning with their clients and vendors.

Ashley is a Customer Success Rep with Allseated and as she is based in the USA, she was up at the crack of dawn to share her experience and expertise with our class. Many thanks to Ashely and Allseated for their continued support of our professional development training for planners.


About Allseated

Virtual Venue Tours

✓ 360 Venue Scanning ✓ Website Widget ✓ Save Templates ✓ Allseated CONNECT ✓ Smart Floorplans ✓ Virtual Walkthroughs

Allseated OPS

✓ Design Floorplans To-Scale ✓ 2D/3D Viewing ✓ Seating Charts ✓ Designer Tools ✓ Manage Guest Lists ✓ Generate Reports

Learn More about Allseated

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