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Free Resources to Help Your Business Stay Visible Online

Keeping your business as visible as possible can be tricky. It is a difficult thing to do and to judge. We thought it would be helpful if there was a list of resources online, so we made one. Here is the list of free resources to help your business stay visible online.

Quality Content

Creating quality content for your social media and email bulletins is crucial to the success of your business and its visibility. There are many online tools that you can use to help you create the best possible content for your business.

Canva – Canva offers a wealth of templates to design content that strikes a chord with your target demographic and improves your online visibility through likes and shares of your content.

Pixabay – This is just one of many royalty-free image sites that you can use to generate professional images for your site.

HubSpot – My Persona and Blog Ideas Generator. These two tools can give you ideas of how to create the best content for your business brand and how to put it into action.

Organised Content

Organised content is a step in the right direction when it comes to online presence. There are free-to-use tools online like that allow you to organise all your content in a manageable way. This means that you are able to see what you need to post and when, what content still needs work doing on it and so on. This enables you to make sure that you are continually posting the best possible content.

Optimised Images

Optimised images will help you reach more customers and fit better with the needs of the internet bots. Optimising an image is simple. First, name the image carefully and select keywords that are searchable. You should ensure that the image is the correct size for the site it is displayed on and so that it loads quickly for the viewer. With Imgix you can resize up to 1000 images for free. Imgix is a great tool to get you started with optimising your images.


Ensure that you have perfect branding that your audience wants to interact with and see all the time. Create a logo using a logo generator that pops out and speaks to your target demographic. Be certain when you choose the name for your business that the handles on social media that you want to use are free and create hashtags that are searchable and usable by your customers.

Google My Business

Sign up for Google My Business to create a searchable piece of your business on Maps. You can upload contact information, details about your opening hours and photographs of your business and product. It also allows for reviews from customers, amongst many other useful visibility tools. Google My Business is invaluable to businesses and completely free.

Collaborate and Communicate

Collaborations can be a great free tool to use when trying to improve the visibility of your business. There are sites online that help business owners to link with others and share ideas or collaborate. Forums like Quora can also be a great space for this as they are designed for conversations. Just answering questions and commenting on people’s posts can be a form of communication that gets you a greater online presence.

There are hundreds of inventive ways to boost your online presence and more tools become available all the time to help you in this goal. Selecting free tools can be a great way to save money within your business for advertising and marketing purposes.

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